What is better to buy in Greece?

    What is better to buy in Greece?
    What is worth buying in Greece, taking into account that the Hellenic State is still in crisis today? Here are some ideas

    What is better to buy in Greece? Be in the territory of the first. european democracy, The most frequently asked question concerns shopping and the various purchases made in Greece. Taking into account that Greece is still in crisis, the prices of the different products are significantly lower than their equivalents on the Italian market. The best purchases to worry about the clothing sector and jewelry. In particular, in Greece it is better to buy natural fur and various synthetic clothing.

    In peripheral markets, the price of shoes and T-shirts could revolve around 5 euros per piece. In the different stores located in Athens you will have many options to choose what is best to buy in Greece. Woolen garments, leather handbags, typical Greek clothing and even rawhide bags. Added to all this are the various handmade ceramic productions, including vases, plates, glasses and much more. Purchases of works are in fashion of ancient art and evergreen ceramic houses.

    But beyond all this, what is worth buying in Greece? The jewerly. precisely me craft work of figurines, necklaces, bracelets and rings made with precious materials. And all those lovers of antiques could consider going to one of the many specialized shops in the center of Athens or any other Greek city. There it will be possible to acquire both typically Greek antiquities and with a more oriental design, Byzantine. Furniture prices, like many other objects, tend to continually decline due to declining purchasing power.

    Finally we must mention I food products. In Greece, alcohol lovers could fill themselves with beer, vodka or other alcoholic beverages. All because alcohol prices in smaller Greek cities are much lower even than prices in Italian supermarkets. The reason is not only the economic crisis, but also the trade agreement signed by Greece at the end of the 19th century. Second war world. Speaking of Greek alcohol, it is best to buy ouzo, a particular anise-based liquor. For food, it is best to buy bread, water and everything that is produced on Greek soil.

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