What to see in Chiang Mai, the treasure of Thailand

Nicknamed the "Rose of the North", Chiang Mai is an extraordinary city: this is what you have to see, between temples and nature
What to see in Chiang Mai, the treasure of Thailand

In the north of Thailand, 700 kilometers from Bangkok and next to the highest mountains in the country, Chiang Mai It is one of the main tourist destinations in the area, but also one of the most beautiful cities in Southeast Asia.

Founded in 1296 by King Mengrai, it became capital of the lanna kingdom replacing Chiang Rai. Its name, in fact, means "new city." Today its importance is only surpassed by that of the capital, with which it shares the enormous presence of temples: practically 300, mainly embedded in wood and hidden among that labyrinth of streets and houses that make Chiang Mai a unique place in the world.

The temples of Chiang Mai

It has hundreds of temples, Chiang Mai. Or, better, of that, Small or large religious, cultural and social complexes that are a true point of reference for the city. However, they are very different compared to other temples in Thailand: they have elaborate architecture with wooden carvings and colorful wall paintings. If seeing them all is impossible, some are truly unmissable. The oldest, for example, is Wat clear man, which dates back to the 13th century and houses two important statues of Buddha: the Phra Sila (in marble) and the Phra Satang (in glass). And then him Wat phra singh, with his “Lion” Buddha, or the Wat chedi luang, damaged by an earthquake and then by cannon fire. Each temple in Chiang Mai is unique. And preserves a piece of history.

What to see in Chiang Mai, the treasure of Thailand

Parque Natural L'Elephant

60 km from Chiang Mai, the Elephant Natural Park was founded in 1990 with one goal: to provide elephants a sanctuary and a rescue center. Today it houses dozens of specimens, as well as buffaloes, dogs, cats and other animals saved from abuse and abandonment. Tourists who visit can admire the elephants while they batheWhile they eat, won the FIM EWC Endurance championship race at the Estoril circuit while they play among them, respecting them as unfortunately in many other parts of Thailand this does not happen. To reserve and organize a visit (a few hours, a full day, two days with an overnight stay inside the park) just consult the website.

The Night Bazaar and shopping places.

There are not only temples in Chiang Mai. The city is also famous for its craft shops, its markets, its bazaars: coming here and not buying is impossible. What to buy? Objects in wood, silk, silver, ceramics., the result of ancient traditions dating back thousands of years. In the San Kamphaeng district you can buy very high quality cottons and silks, in Bor Sang the characteristic Thai umbrellas with paper obtained from mulberry and bamboo bark, in the Hang Dong district furniture and objects made of rosewood, teak and rattan. And then bases for lamps, dishes and u.n finely crafted silver that has no equal in Thailand. The most original shopping experience is offered by Night bazaar, which is celebrated every day of the year, from dusk to midnight, together with Thanon Chang Khlan.

What to see in Chiang Mai, the treasure of Thailand

What to do in Chiang Mai?

Chiang Mai is not only a beautiful city, but it is also immersed in a fairytale environment. In its surroundings you can organize a multitude of excursions and carry out a whole series of activities. If in the city, in addition to visiting the temples, at least one is unmissable Thai massage, when you leave the walls you come into contact with nature. He Doi Inthanon National Park, for example, is a splendid natural park that is home to the highest peaks in Thailand; He ping river offers the opportunity to experience the slow pace of Chiang Mai through an evocative and picturesque cruise, between rural villages and flower markets.

Adrenaline lovers can organize a Hiking in the jungle, do it Rafting and jumping rope, between a visit to the waterfalls and moments of relaxation among the tall plants. Or you can reach Wat Phra que Doi Suthep, a temple located on a hill 10 km from the city, accessible on foot or by train. Or, again, organize one visit to rural towns who are found around Chiang Mai, among members of the Karen and Hmong tribes, with whom it is possible to have lunch. Because the culture of the city also passes through the table. A city that can also be discovered through a fast food service, between local markets and restaurants off the tourist routes.

What to see in Chiang Mai, the treasure of Thailand

When to go to Chiang Mai

There are three seasons that characterize Chiang Mai's climate: The cool season (December to the end of February) is the best season, and coincides with the high season. Temperatures during the day reach 30°, while at night they are cool and pleasant. From March to the end of May there are warm season, with temperatures reaching 40°, a high level of humidity and a high risk of fires in the surrounding countryside. Finally, the rainy season (from late May to November) is characterized by intense but short-lived tropical storms that don't ruin your stay (apart from the mosquitoes).

How to get to Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is located in 700 kilometers from Bangkok, with which you are connected through plane (70 minutes) and by land: you can take a coach (11 hour trip) or a train (12 hours). Less than 10 minutes from the city center is Chiang Mai International Airport, where domestic and international flights depart, while the main train station is to the east: six trains leave from Bangkok a day (between 8.30:22.00 a.m. and 6.30:21.00 p.m.), and six make the reverse journey (between XNUMX:XNUMX a.m. and XNUMX:XNUMX p.m.). There are two bus stations in the city, served by public and private buses.

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