Where it is, and what to see in Las Teresitas Beach

If you are planning a trip to Tenerife you can not miss the beach of Las Teresitas, one of the main attractions of the island, very frequented by both tourists and residents.

With this article I want to tell you in detail about Las Teresitas, we will see all the tips and information to visit the beach. You will discover what are the main characteristics of this famous beach, where it is located and how to get there.

Las Terisitas Beach

Las Teresitas, located in the northeast of the island of Tenerife, is a beach of about a kilometer and a half, famous for its golden sand lapped by calm and crystal clear waters.

The perfect place for those traveling with the little ones who can play, have fun and swim safely. Obviously we must always remember that being ocean the water temperature is quite low.

It is undoubtedly the most famous beach of the island and for many also the most beautiful, with its palm trees and mountains in the background that give it that particular tropical and wild charm.

In addition to the beauty, it should be noted the high level of free services: changing rooms, showers, disabled access, toilets and ample parking. Moreover, safety in and out of the water is guaranteed by the directors of the Red Cross and the local police.

Las Teresitas Beach is quite wide and there is usually space, it is a free beach but umbrellas and hammocks can be rented. In any case, you can find some shade under the palm trees.

Where is Las Teresitas?

Las Teresitas beach is located in the village of San Andres about 7 km from the capital Santa Cruz and 85 km from Los Cristianos, one of the most popular destinations in the south.

You can reach the beach from any part of the island by car, as I told you there is a large free parking area next to the beach.

Also right next to the beach is the bus stop (line 910) an excellent public service, efficient and frequent. Convenient especially if you are in Santa Cruz.

Las Teresitas: golden sand of the Sahara

Where it is, and what to see in Las Teresitas Beach

Like most beaches on the island, Las Teresitas was originally composed of dark volcanic sand.

In 1973, the beach was entirely covered with white sand imported from the Sahara desert. It is therefore an artificial beach, but the result is very beautiful thanks mainly to the contrast between the golden sand and the blue sea.

Las Teresitas: a crystal clear sea!

Where it is, and what to see in Las Teresitas Beach

Besides the clear blue sea, the main peculiarity of Las Teresitas is its calm and safe waters for bathing.

This is possible thanks to a breakwater, a barrier of large stones that have been placed a few dozen meters from the shore along the entire length of the beach, to prevent waves from reaching the beach.

For all these reasons Las Teresitas is the best beach for swimming, with shallow waters and suitable for children.

Impressive panorama

Where it is, and what to see in Las Teresitas Beach

Las Teresitas is located at the foot of the Anaga hill and besides the beautiful view of the beach with the mountains behind, the view from above deserves a lot.

In fact, there are some points and in particular the "Mirador Las Teresitas" from where to admire the splendid beach and the village of San Andres, ideal for photography lovers and for all those who want to see a beautiful landscape!

You can reach the viewpoint by car (5 minutes) or on foot, but be careful with cars and the steep climb.

Services in Las Teresitas

As I have already mentioned, Las Teresitas is a completely free beach, with many free services and the possibility to rent sunbeds.

There are showers, changing rooms and toilets that are always clean despite the large influx of visitors. There is also access for the disabled thanks to special wooden walkways.

In addition, the presence of the Red Cross ensures greater safety and tranquility even for the elderly and young children.

The beach is impeccable thanks to the Maintenance but also to the people who frequent it, favored by the numerous nerds present.

Finally we find a series of Chiringuitos, or kiosks where to eat and drink something at very advantageous prices, for example an excellent Mojito for only 4 €!

Las Teresitas Reviews

Where it is, and what to see in Las Teresitas Beach

If I have to find a flaw, the view is a bit ruined by a tanker truck in front of the beach.

But despite this, in my opinion, Las Teresitas is a beautiful beach, clean, comfortable, quiet, with a wonderful landscape and many services for visitors.

Have you ever been to Tenerife? What is your favorite beach?

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