Where to sleep in Capri: best areas and hotels where to stay on the island

If you want to make the most of this beautiful island, it is certainly advisable to sleep in Capri at least one night, to really discover it. Only in this way can you live it, also appreciating its lively nightlife, and admiring the beautiful sunsets and suggestive sunrises.

Appreciated since ancient times and known in Greek mythology as the island of the sirens, Capri was one of the favorite places of the Roman emperors. For example, the Emperor Tiberius had a sumptuous villa built on the island.

Today is one of the main tourist destinations in Italy. Thousands of tourists leave every day from the ports of the Gulf of Naples to reach and visit the island, but only a privileged few in the afternoon do not take the return ferry, but remain to enjoy the island.

If you have chosen to stay on the island for one or more nights, it must be said that Capri is a very touristy island and accommodation is quite expensive. Therefore it is important to carry out a good research, both according to the areas and according to the type of accommodation, in order to obtain a good value for money.

When to go to Capri

There are many tourists who come to the island every day to enjoy landscapes and atmospheres. The period of high season it is represented by the months of July and August, when the island is literally invaded by tourists.

If, therefore, you do not have problems with work and non-work commitments, the best times to visit the island are spring (from April to June) and early autumn (September and October). In these periods you can save a lot on accommodation rates, compared to the months of July and August.

Winter is the period with cheaper housing rates of the year. Even if it can be pleasant to visit the island, if there is no bad weather, it is still the least recommended or indicated period to visit it.

Where to sleep in Capri

On the island there are 4 tourist areas, which also represent the 4 main places where you can sleep in Capri: the city of Capri, Anacapri, Marina Grande and Marina Piccola.

The best area to stay on the island is the city of Capri, but it is also the most expensive. The other 3 destinations can be interesting destinations for other points of view, let's see which ones.

Where to sleep in Capri: best areas and hotels where to stay on the island
Map of the best areas to sleep in Capri

Sleeping in the city of Capri

The city of Capri it is the best place to stay on the island, as it is where there is more atmosphere and where there are more accommodation options. It can be reached easily, both by bus and by cable car, from the port of Marina Grande, and offers an intense life, both day and night.

The central area is represented by the famous Piazzetta, a small square that still retains the characteristic urban architecture of the past. Staying here allows you to be in central position and to easily reach all areas of the island

If you choose to stay in the city, it is advisable to book and sleep in Capri in one of the hotels overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, to enjoy fabulous views and unique panoramas. Accommodations are the most expensive on the island, so to save money it is advisable to book in advance.

Among Recommended accommodation and hotels in Capri, based on the quality / price ratio, we find:

To Be Capri
Regina Cristina
White Cat Hotel
Villa Giardini

Check availability and rates for accommodation and hotels in Capri town

Staying in Anacapri

Anacapri is the second largest city on the island. Is situated higher than Capri and offers an experience quieter, compared to crowded Capri. The nights are quieter, and you can enjoy beautiful views of the sea and the vineyards and olive groves of the island.

The main tourist attraction of Anacapri is the chairlift that leads to Monte Solaro, located 589 meters above sea level and which is the highest point on the island. From here you can enjoy splendid views that sweep across the island, over the surrounding sea, up to the Campania coast on clear days.

The hotel offer is quite wide and housing rates are cheaper compared to those of the city of Capri. From here you can easily reach the suggestive lighthouse of Punta Carena and the wonderful Blue Grotto.

Among recommended accommodation and hotels in Anacapri, based on the quality / price ratio we find:

Capri Dreaming
The Limonaia Capri
Hotel Victoria Place
Hotel Carmencita

Check availability and rates for accommodation and hotels in Anacapri

Sleeping in Capri - Marina Grande

Marina Grande, located in the north of the island and at the foot of Monte Solaro, is the main port of the island of Capri. Surely it is the first area that the tourist encounters when visiting the island, therefore it is a very convenient area for travel.

Among the merits, the proximity to the beach and the port. Therefore, the convenience is not only in reaching the hotel on arrival or the ferry on departure, but also if you want to make it boat trips to discover the coasts and caves surrounding the island.

La port area it is very lively during the day, but also at night, with bars, restaurants and shops on the sea. Among Recommended accommodation and hotels in Marina Grande:

Fortino B&B Capri
Sun Moon
Relais Maresca Luxury Small Hotel

Check availability and rates for accommodation and hotels in Marina Grande

Stay in Marina Piccola

Marina Piccola is located in the southern part of the island of Capri. Although there is some ferry that disembarks in the small port, most of them dock in Marina Grande, located on the opposite side.

In this area they are present various bars and restaurants where you can enjoy excellent lunches and dinners, and enjoy suggestive views of the sea. Among the advantages of the area, one quiet beach bathed by a clear and transparent sea, and the proximity to stacks, one of the best known places and symbols of the island.

La Via Krupp, one of the most famous streets of Capri, has been closed since 2014. This historic path paved with hairpin bends connects Marina Piccola to the Certosa di San Giacomo and the Giardini di Augusto area.

Among Recommended accommodation and hotels in Marina Piccola:

Nautilus Hotel 
Hotel Weber Ambassador

Check availability and rates for accommodation and hotels in Marina Piccola

How to get to Capri

The only way to reach the island is on boat, as well as the helicopter for those willing to spend more money. There are 3 types of ships that make connections from the ports of the Gulf of Naples to the island of Capri: i Ferries, the fast ships he hydrofoils.

Il navigation time it varies, from half an hour to an hour, according to the port of departure or arrival, and the type of ship chosen. Even the cost of the ticket it varies, from 15 euros for the ferry, to 21-23 euros for fast ships and hydrofoils.

Find out more about how to get to Capri on our dedicated article

Discover all the available routes and book a ferry


Where to sleep in Capri: best areas and hotels where to stay on the island
Capri Island, Campania - Photo from Istock
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