Where to sleep in New York: the most convenient areas and hotels where to stay

The trip to New York is the dream of many: skyscrapers, bridges and films, TV series and commercials have created the myth about this city that never sleeps. The two main costs to make this dream come true I am the air travel he hotels, the best choice to stay in the Big Apple. But what are the areas and the most convenient hotels to sleep in New York to spend little and to visit the city comfortably?

We have prepared one very simple and intuitive guide to easily indicate which are the best areas to sleep in New York based on your preferences and needs. By following the advice you can get to spend even less than 50 euros per night per person to sleep in Manhattan, in the heart of New York.

Best neighborhoods and areas to sleep in New York

By reading this guide you will certainly not go wrong in choosing where to sleep in New York. The guide is very simple and explains also with maps how New York is configured, its neighborhoods, the location of the airports and the various areas of Manhattan, the most touristic area of ​​New York, where there are over 90% of the attractions and places to see in the city.

Let's find out why Queens, Brooklyn and some areas of Manhattan are there best areas to sleep in New York, and what are the recommended hotels where to stay for each area or neighborhood.

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Where to sleep in New York: the most convenient areas and hotels where to stay
New York neighborhoods map -


Midtown: the best area to sleep in New York

Midtown is the best area to sleep in New York. It is located in central location on Manhattan Island. Some of Midtown's most iconic buildings are theEmpire State Building, the most iconic building in the city, although not the tallest, and the magnificent train station Grand Central Terminal in Beaux Arts style.

The district hosts countless attractions: from the United Nations headquarters on the East River to St. Patrick's Cathedral, the seat of the archdiocese of the city, from the romantic Chrysler Building, an art deco skyscraper to the famous Radio City Music Hall theater located in the luxurious Rockefeller Center.

West Midtown, also called the Theater District, includes some of the most famous places in the nightlife of the Big Apple such as Times Square, Madison Square Garden and Broadway, the theater district.

Midtown, being the best area to stay in New York, is also the most requested by tourists and therefore hotel rates are also the highest and most expensive. Staying in Midtown has numerous benefits, not only for the central location that allows you to reach the main attractions in a short time, but also for being easily in the most beautiful areas of the city in the evening.

Il theater district it is the hub of entertainment for the city and perhaps for the entire nation. Times Square with its large neon advertising signs and Broadway with the nocturnal glow of the theaters they "overwhelm" tourists and New Yorkers, making the area the heart of Manhattan and New York nightlife.

Where to sleep in New York: the most convenient areas and hotels where to stay
Times Square, one of the best areas to stay in New York -

While Broadway is the famous boulevard where the most important musicals in the world are staged and where many famous television programs are recorded, the Fifth Avenue under the 59th it remains the exclusive shopping district par excellence of New York City, home to the most important fashion brands on the planet.

Given the strong tourist presence there are shops, restaurants and bars of all kinds, cheap and luxurious. Midtown is also the area of ​​Manhattan and New York best connected by public transport, subway stations, tourist buses and taxis can be found everywhere, making getting around very simple and comfortable.

Doubletree By Hilton New York Times Square West - 4-star hotel in a good location with excellent value for money

Hilton Garden Inn Central Park South - 4 star hotel in a great location just minutes from Central Park and Time Square. It is a great choice for couples and families with children. The hotel is very close to the metro station and has rooms with access and shower for disabled people.

Pod 51 - budget 3 star hotel in good location with metro stations just a few minutes away

MOXY NYC Times Square - 4 star hotel in good location with pet friendly accommodation

Pod Times Square - 4-star hotel, one of the best value hotels in Manhattan and New York

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Chelsea: for the nightlife

Located on the southwest side of Midtown, the Chelsea neighborhood has a huge concentration of art galleries and is a popular dining and nightlife district. AND one of the best places to sleep for couples and groups of friends.

New construction is transforming this old industrial area into an upscale entertainment destination, a trendy neighborhood with nightclubs and luxury shops, a very pleasant place to walk and well connected to the rest of the city by the metro.

One of the main attractions is theHighline, a linear park in New York built on top of a disused railroad. Chelsea is also the city's new bohemian and artsy neighborhood as well the center of gay social life a Manhattan.

THEhotel offer is very wide, there are many 3 and 4 star hotels with good value for money, also the proximity to Midtown (15 minutes walk), makes it a good alternative for those who want to save on accommodation, still staying in a central location.

Leo House - budget 3 star hotel in good location with metro stations just a few minutes away

Holiday Inn Manhattan 6th Ave – Chelsea, an IHG hotel - 4 star hotel in good location

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Lower East Side: for families with children

The Lower East Side is a very interesting area to stay, especially for the location. Located in southeastern Manhattan overlooking the East River, it allows you to reach many tourist areas on foot New York City like Chinatown and Little Italy, or take a beautiful walk on the Manhattan Brigde and Williamsburg Bridge to get a great view of the Manhattan skyline.

Lower East Side, as well as being a multicultural neighborhood, represents a mix of old and new, bohemian and luxury, you can find trendy shops and bars, French cafes and trendy nightclubs that contrast with the discount stores and Spanish wineries

Several bus and metro lines connect the Lower East Side to other areas of Manhattan. For children and adults inside the park Sara Delano Roosevelt Park there are numerous entertainment options, including the Houston Street Playground.

THEhotel offer it is not very large, but you can find good and interesting solutions where to sleep. Booking in advance allows you to find rooms with excellent value for money.

citizenM New York Bowery - 4 star hotel, one of the best hotels in the Lower East Side

The Allen Hotel - 4-star hotel, among the best in the area

Orchard Street Hotel - 3 star hotel, a good alternative to sleep in the Lower East Side

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Chinatown: the ethnic and folkloristic neighborhood par excellence

Manhattan's famous Chinatown is a lively neighborhood, full of good restaurants and grocery stores. The Chinatown area encompasses also Little Italy, with its popular restaurants and pizzerias, and that Italian-American atmosphere that fascinates all tourists a little.

Today Chinatown it is not only made up of the Chinese population, but also from that of other Southeast Asian countries. AND one of the most pleasant and interesting areas to walk, both for the Asian charm that the area offers, and for the many shops present, which in any case often sell cheaper imitations.

THEhotel offer is quite small, so if you want to stay in Chinatown and be within walking distance of Little Italy, the best choice is to book well in advance.

Hotel 50 Bowery, part of JdV by Hyatt - 4-star hotel in the heart of Chinatown, perfect for families with children and excellent value for money

Hotel Mimosa - 3-star hotel within walking distance of the metro station, a great choice for couples 

Leon Hotel LES - 3 star hotel with spectacular views of Manhattan

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SoHo and TriBeCa: the most luxurious and trendy area

SoHo, short for “So uth of Ho uston” in reference to its presumed similarities to the famous London neighborhood of Soho, it is a diverse neighborhood and one of the most exclusive in Manhattan.

TriBeCa, instead whose name derives from being the triangle under Canal Street (Triangle Bellow Canal St), it could be said that it is a continuation of SoHo, culturally, geographically and architecturally.

In fact, the two districts are very similar, making the choice of where to stay between SoHo and TriBeCa indifferent. These two neighborhoods represent a trendy area of ​​New York, full of high-class shops, restaurants and art galleries, a very pleasant area to stroll both day and night.

There are numerous subway lines and city bus lines that serve these two neighborhoods. For lodging SoHo has slightly more hotel offering than TriBeCa, while hotel rates are roughly the same.

Arlo SoHo - 4-star hotel in a good location in the Soho district

Sheraton Tribeca New York Hotel - 4-star hotel in a good location in the TriBeCa district

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Greenwich Village: for couples 

Greenwich Village (often referred to as "West Village" or simply "The Village") is one good alternative where to stay for couples and for those in search of folklore. Once famous for its vibrant arts and literary community, today Greenwich Village is a elegant neighborhood and mostly residential.

This old New York neighborhood of the 700s and 800s it owes its charm to the aristocratic-looking red brick houses and charming tree-lined streets. Greenwich Village is also the main setting for the TV series Friends, although the show was mainly shot at the Warner Bros studios in Los Angeles.

Il Washington Square Park is a neighborhood landmark and one of the best known public parks in New York. The Washington Arch, the great fountain, the statue of Giuseppe Garibaldi, students from nearby New York University and chess players make the area a multicultural meeting place.

Centered around Washington Square Park and the New York University (NYU) campus, Greenwich Village is served by many subway lines which make it very convenient to travel to the various areas of Manhattan and New York.

The Jane Hotel - cheap 2-star hotel, a good solution for spending little money to sleep in New York

The Standard, High Line New York - 4 star hotel, one of the best hotels in Greenwich Village

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Upper West Side: for those seeking tranquility and green spaces

The Upper West Side neighborhood covers a large area in upper western Manhattan, bounded by 125th street to the north and 59th street to the south, the Hudson River to the west and Central Park and Morningside Park to the east. The area also includes one of its most beautiful parks in New York, the Riverside park, a green space with sports fields and play areas for children that flanks the Hudson River for 6 km.

It is the best area to sleep for those seeking tranquility and green spaces, especially for families with children. In addition to the famous Central Park, the green lung of New York, you can spend wonderful days outdoors in the other large parks in the area such as Riverside Park and Morningside Park.

The neighborhood represents the daily life of Manhattanites very well. Between main attractions: the two of the most famous markets in the city (Zabar and Fairway), the American Museum of Natural History (the American Museum of Natural History), the University of the Ivy League (Columbia University), the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts (a complex of buildings dedicated to entertainment and the arts) and the Neo-Gothic Cathedral of San Giovanni il Divino.

The area is well connected with the subway and there are numerous bus lines serving this neighborhood, however one walk or bike ride on the Upper West Side is a very pleasant way to visit this area of ​​New York when the weather is fine, prompting the visit to nearby and beautiful Central Park, the green heart of the Big Apple.

There are many in the area hostels, the cheapest solution to sleep in New York. Even the hotels have cheaper rates than the Midtown and Downtown areas. 

HI NYC Hostel - 3 star hostel, one of the best hostels ever in New York

Belleclaire Central Park Hotel - 4-star hotel, perfect for both couples and families

West Side YMCA - 3 star hostel, almost always the one with the cheapest rates

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Financial District: for work or business purposes

The Financial District includes the southern tip of Manhattan and it is a particularly suitable area for those who must stay in New York for work or business reasons. The neighborhood overlooks the Hudson River to the west and the East River to the east, while in the south is the port of New York with the various piers from which ferries and ships depart.

This neighborhood hosts some of the most famous and evocative places, monuments and attractions in New York: the One World Trade Center (the tallest skyscraper in New York and the United States), Wall Street (the historic heart of the Financial District and home to the New York Stock Exchange), the Brooklyn Bridge (the famous bridge that connects the Brooklyn in Manhattan), the National September 11 Memorial & Museum (the memorial to the victims of September 11) and Battery Park (a green space on the waterfront).

Financial District is also the departure point of the ferries to the three islands of New York Harbor: Liberty Island (home to the Statue of Liberty), Ellis Island and Governors Island. Those on a tight budget can take the ferries on the Staten Island Ferry which are free and offer excellent views of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island during the crossing, but also a beautiful view from the sea of ​​Lower Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island and New Jersey.

Most subway lines of the city stop in the financial district, making it the best way to get there and get around. To get around the neighborhood you can use the Downtown Connection, a free circulating bus.

This neighborhood is the historical core of the modern city and the business center of the city, therefore a good area to stay for business purposes. Compared to the characteristic grid of streets and avenues that distinguish Manhattan, the streets of this neighborhood do not have a pattern.

Millennium Hilton New York Downtown - 4-star hotel, perfect for those staying in the city for work or business purposes

World Center Hotel - 4-star hotel with excellent value for money

DoubleTree by Hilton New York Downtown - 4-star hotel, one of the most favorite in the Financial District

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Brooklyn: economic and convenient area

The Brooklyn neighborhood after Manhattan it is the best choice where to sleep in New York. The area is well connected to Manhattan and the city's airports, hotels are cheaper compared to those in Manhattan.

Brooklyn borders the other New York neighborhood, Queens, and is located on Long Island at the westernmost point of the island. With a population of about 2,5 million inhabitants, if it were a city in itself, it would be the fourth most populous American city after New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

Referred to as the "neighborhood of houses and churches", today downtown Brooklyn boasts luxury boutiques, abundant green public spaces such as Prospect Park, the largest park in Brooklyn with an adjoining botanical garden and zoological park, and the Brooklyn Bridge Park which stretches along the waterfront and offers unparalleled views of the New York City skyline.

Despite strong development in recent years, historic shops, brick oven pizzerias and 50s-style bars can be found in the Brooklyn neighborhood. Coney Island it is one of the most important attractions and tourist spots in Brooklyn and New York. On the stretch of beach is the famous Luna Park of Coney Island with its roller coaster and the famous Wonder Wheel.

La best area to stay in brooklyn it's the one near the Brooklyn Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge Park. Staying here, in addition to enjoying beautiful views of Manhattan, allows you with the many subway stations of reach Manhattan in 5 minutes.

Hampton Inn Brooklyn Downtown - 3 star hotel in the heart of Brooklyn

Hotel RL Brooklyn - 3-star hotel in a convenient location for easy access to Manhattan and the airport 

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Queens: one of the cheapest areas to sleep in

Queens is one of the cheapest neighborhoods to have to stay in NYC. Hotels, in addition to offering cheaper rates than those in Manhattan, in some cases can be also a more comfortable solution for travel.

Located on the island of Long Island, this neighborhood includes two of the major airports in the New York City area, theLaGuardia Airport (LGA) andJohn F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) where most of the flights from Spain land.

La best area to stay and with which it has more hotels is the one that overlooks the East River with Roosevelt Island and Manhattan in front. From Queensboro Plaza and Queens Plaza subway stations with the yellow and orange lines in 5 minutes you arrive in Manhattan.

Queens represents the geographic center of New York City, therefore, it is a good point to reach the various areas of the city and especially its airports. It is also the area with the most great ethnic diversity than any region of the world, which is transmitted in shops, restaurants and parties.

One of the main attractions is the Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, the site of the 1939 and 1964 World Expositions. The area around the park hosts sports fields, interesting museums and some architectural and artistic relics of the events, including the Unisphere, a 300-ton stainless steel representation of the Earth and 37 meters in diameter, the largest globe in the world.

La Quinta Inn by Wyndham Queens (New York City) - 3 star hotel close to the subway station for easy access to Manhattan and the airport

Travel Hotel - cheap 3-star hotel, to save on accommodation costs to sleep in New York

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How to save and spend little to sleep in New York

In order to save on accommodation and hotels and spend little to sleep in New York there are 9 useful rules and tips that allow save over 50% on average costs to stay in the city. It is not necessary to adopt all of them, but the more you adopt the more you save.

9 rules to save and spend little to sleep in New York:

  • make your reservation as soon as possible. By booking well in advance you have a wider choice and you can find great deals.
  • for groups of 3, 4 or more people it is better to prefer triple and quadruple rooms, they have a slightly higher cost than double rooms, but which then divided by 3 or 4 people brings an average cost per person lower than double rooms.
  • to find the cheapest rates book the hotel on Booking which not only offers the widest hotel offer, but also guarantees the best price. Search for a hotel or accommodation on Booking
  • the times of the week when hotels have the lowest rates are Saturdays and Sundays, when there are no people traveling for work or business in the hotels.
  • rooms with shared bathroom have a lower cost than those with private bathroom.
  • if you are flexible on the travel period, prefer the low season periods, from October to April, exclusive holidays such as Halloween, Christmas and New Year.
  • a vacation in New York lasts an average of a week, but even 4-5 days can be enough to see the most important places and attractions, especially if you are staying in a central location.
  • prefer hotel near metro station. While they may cost slightly more, they save a lot of travel time.
  • and lastly, book your flight with a flight search engine like Skyscanner. You will save a lot on the flight and you can invest the money saved on a more central hotel, with private bathroom and breakfast included. Look for a flight offer to New York
Where to sleep in New York: the most convenient areas and hotels where to stay
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