Where to Stay in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is among the most famous cities in California, the home of the US film industry; a must visit if you decide to reach the beautiful Californian coast.

The city is huge, the size of a Spanish region. Precisely because of its extension it is not easy to choose the best area to stay in Los Angeles.

In this article we will do some clarity and We will give you all the advice and information to help you choose your ideal base to sleep in Los Angeles.

Where to Stay in Los Angeles

If you plan to visit Los Angeles County, it is very important to plan your stay down to the smallest detail.

Los Angeles is huge, it's a collection of many cities grouped into one. There is therefore no real center, but there are a number of more central and touristic areas like Hollywood and Downtown, the financial center.

A first choice is whether to opt for tourist areas or prefer outermost areas. Obviously the decision depends on several factors: your interests, the budget available and the length of stay.

Los Angeles: Tourist Areas

If you don't have budget problems and you are looking for an area where there is some movement in the evening and where to take a walk, then the best choice is to stay overnight in the more touristic areas: Hollywood, West Hollywood o Santa Monica, just to name a few.

In this way you will be comfortable to visit the main attractions of Los Angeles, always considering that we are talking about a huge city.

However, keep in mind that in Los Angeles restaurants close quite early and especially during the week there is not a great evening life, with the exception of the clubs, the most touristy streets of Hollywood and the university areas.

In addition to the high costs of the hotels, one must also consider the rates of parking lots or garages, which in the central areas are certainly not cheap.

For a short stay, sleeping in the most touristic areas is ideal to avoid spending most of your time stuck in the chaotic city traffic.

Los Angeles: External Areas

The great advantage of choosing the less touristy and more external areas of Los Angeles is to find hotels with the best value for money and usually with parking included.

It is the best choice if you have a few more days to dedicate to the city, as you will be further away from the main attractions. Although in Los Angeles being close to everything is impossible.

Some Tips for Your Stay in Los Angeles

To visit Los Angeles it is essential to have a car. The city is too big for public transport.

If you have no alternatives, look for a structure close to a metro stop. In the evening, however, it is preferable not to use the subway, especially the lines that cross more disadvantaged areas.

With the car you will have more freedom, even in the choice of the area to stay, being able to prefer more external and less expensive areas.

In the evening you can move wherever you want and reach the restaurant or club of your choice. Keep in mind that many restaurants have private parking for customers.

Before seeing in detail the best neighborhoods to stay in Los Angeles, let's do a little recap: if your priority is location, tourist areas like Hollywood or Santa Monica are the right choice.

If, on the other hand, the budget is not high and you are looking for structures with higher quality standards then it is preferable to move away from the more touristy areas.

However, the important thing is to avoid the most infamous neighborhoods, especially in the evening some areas of Los Angeles, are not recommended. In particular, avoid East La, South-Central LA, Comptoon and Watts. Some streets in Hollywood, Venice and Downtown can also be unsafe at night.

The Zone of Los Angeles

Where to Stay in Los Angeles


Hollywood is a neighborhood of Los Angeles and one of the main tourist attractions of the Californian city.

The area is convenient for visiting a bit of everything, Universal Studios are very close, but the sea is also not far away.

In the evening you will have a wide choice of clubs and restaurants. Obviously, as I have already said, since it is a tourist area and central, the prices are higher.

West Hollywood

West Hollywood (WeHo) is not just a neighborhood, it is an Independent City belonging to Los Angeles County.

WeHo is among the best areas to stay in Los Angeles, especially if it's your first time visiting the city.

The prices here are also quite high, but you will have the advantage of being close to the main attractions; the area is very lively in the evening and is the home of the Sunset Strip, the famous street part of the Sunset Boulevard, where we find numerous clubs, restaurants, shops and hotels.

West Hollywood is also known for its gay community, which is among the largest in the United States.

The location is strategic, a stone's throw from Hollywood and the Studios and convenient for reaching Santa Monica or other coastal locations.

Downtown Los Angeles

As we have already said, Los Angeles does not have a real center or a strategic place to visit the main points of interest, but it has many small cities each with its own center.

Downtown is a huge area, considered the administrative center of Los Angeles, convenient for visiting some areas of the city, less so for reaching the coastal resorts.

It is a lively area with many shops, restaurants and classic skyscrapers. The neighborhood has been redeveloped, but there are still less safe spots where it is good to pay attention and avoid them at night.

Where to Stay in Los Angeles

Keep in mind that the streets around Downtown are always very busy, especially during the week. If you are visiting Los Angeles for the first time I recommend other more comfortable areas for the various sightseeing tours, better orient yourself on WeHo or even Santa Monica!

Santa Monica

Santa Monica, in my opinion, is the best area to stay in Los Angeles, in fact it is the one that I myself chose during my stay in the Californian city.

A coastal town with the famous pier, the pedestrian center with restaurants and shops and the inevitable beaches.

Where to Stay in Los Angeles

Santa Monica is perfect for those who want to visit Los Angeles in safety and comfort. During the day you will grind kilometers not to miss everything the city has to offer and in the evening you can relax, strolling downtown or having dinner in some restaurant.


Pasadena, the city of the famous TV series “Big Bang Theory”, is a good starting point for visiting Los Angeles.

It is a quiet area with several restaurants and shops. The structures have a better value for money than the central ones. Although it is further away from the points of major interest, it is still convenient for getting around (obviously by car) and getting around the city.

Other outdoor areas that you can consider are Monterey Park, where there are facilities of a good standard at not excessive costs o Long Beach, ideal for those who want to stay close to the ocean, even if further away from the main points of interest.


We are at the end of this guide which I hope will be useful for you to choose the area of ​​Los Angeles that best suits your needs. As you have seen, we are talking about a huge city with many opportunities.

The important thing is to understand mainly how many days and what budget you have available; based on this, choose whether to prefer the position and therefore the more central and tourist areas or alternatively opt for a more secluded area.

Where to Stay in Los Angeles

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