France, armed police on the beaches against terrorism

    France, armed police on the beaches against terrorism
    This summer there will be armed police patrolling French beaches

    This summer they will be there. armed police protect French beaches to prevent acts of terrorism. The agents belong to the Crs (Compagnie r茅publicaine de s茅curit茅), a special anti-guerrilla force that had already guarded the coasts of france after the attack in Sousse, Tunisia. Last summer, however, French police officers were unarmed: this year, however, many of them will be equipped with gun.

    The police had been asking to be armed for a long time, particularly after the murder, on June 13, of a police couple in their home in the western suburbs of Paris by a jihadist, who was later murdered by leatherheads.
    According to French intelligence, the strategy of jihadist terrorists is changing and focusing on Selective aggressions and in unexpected contexts.. After this latest attack, Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve allowed all French police officers to carry their weapons 24 hours a day.

    Now the latest news: of the 300 CRS police officers who will guard the French beaches most popular with tourists, at least a hundred (the highest-ranking ones) will carry a weapon, placed in a special case and attached to their belt. These police officers usually wear the Swimwear or a t-shirt stating that they belong to the police.

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