Honeymoon in April in the lands of the Maya: Mexico

    Honeymoon in April in the lands of the Maya: Mexico

    Where to go on honeymoon in April? One of the proposals we make to you is a trip to the enchanting and mysterious lands of the Maya people: Mexico.

    Honeymoon in April in the lands of the Maya: Mexico
    Mexico, Tulum beleza site via photopin (license)

    Imagine plains that alternate with mountain ranges, volcanoes and hills. Long and expansive roads that cross the plains of the Yucatan alternating with villages with colorful buildings and squares crowded with their inhabitants. Lush forests in which archaeological sites stand out, where history seems to have stopped at the time of the Maya. Churches sprouting up everywhere, in every inhabited center, in every square, in every isolated colonial city of Chiapas.

    With a trip to Mexican lands, you will be able to savor the tradition of the Indian population and the different ethnic groups, with their customs, festivals, lifestyle still tied to the rhythm of their territory, slow and authentic. Do not miss the cenote, large caves trapped in the ground where calm and deep blue waters rest, and where many Mexicans and tourists are refreshed with a bath. Cenotes are very common throughout the Yucatan, especially in the area around Valladolid.

    Honeymoon in April in the lands of the Maya: Mexico
    Messico, Chichen Itza

    The archaeological sites scattered throughout the Mexican territory are many, each different from the other, often rising in the midst of green plains such as Chichen Itza or forcefully emerge from the intrusive tropical forest in other more remote areas such as Palenque. The research is exciting, the charm is engaging with every discovery.

    Mexico is rich in water resources: rivers, cenote, lakes and waterfalls. Among these, an authentic wonder of nature are the evocative ones Agua Azul waterfalls in Chiapas, an abundant stream of water that makes its way between large stone boulders in the midst of a wild and fascinating nature, which in different points forms spectacular pools of blue water.

    Going north the landscape changes, leaving the plains of the Yucatan and the first hills of Chiapas behind, to continue towards the region of Oaxaca from where to reach Mexico City and the renowned archaeological site Teotihuacan, the city of the Gods.

    In the Oaxaca region and in the city of the same name you will find the authentic taste of colonial Mexico, through the pulsating life in the markets or in the festivals where Mexicans participate animatedly. The people of Oaxaca keep alive the love for traditions and local craftsmanship, from gastronomy to the processing of colored fabrics, where skilled hands are the means to make precious products. From here continue to Mexico City, the capital, one of the largest urban agglomerations in the world. Between squares and parks, historic buildings and modern skyscrapers, the city boasts a large number of museums, theaters and universities.

    From the capital, stage a is a must Teotihuacan, one of the major archaeological sites in Central America and the most visited in Mexico. A majestic valley where the Pyramid of the Sun reigns which, along the Strada dei Morti, will take you to the Piramide de la Luna, as well as a complex of other sacred buildings and temples still in excellent condition.

    Honeymoon in April in the lands of the Maya: Mexico
    Mexico, Guachimontones archaeological zone

    The historic heart of Mexico is surrounded all around by very different coasts and beaches. Bathed by the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, the country is rich in seaside resorts. From the Riviera Maya with the famous tourist centers of Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum, with its archaeological site that overlooks the emerald waters of the Gulf of Mexico from above, to the Riviera Nayarit more rustic, with a coast full of beaches behind which stand out green hills, and which overlooks numerous islets. In Costalegre is a succession of cliffs overlooking the sea, where nature and comfort are the perfect combination for a holiday of pure relaxation.
    Crossing Puerto Escondido, Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta and Baja California it is a continuous appearance of beaches where you can practice surfing and other water sports, you can find hotels where to stay in luxury or characteristic clubs at cheaper prices.

    Honeymoon in April in the lands of the Maya: Mexico
    Messico, The Arch of Los Cabos

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    If you want to know the climatic conditions that you may find upon your arrival, with data on average temperatures and rainfall, go to the article on Mexico.

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