Where to Stay in Cancun

Cancun is one of the most visited cities in the Western Hemisphere, is located in the Yucatan Peninsula, has more than 22 km of beaches with white sand and crystal clear sea and is known as the home of entertainment.

Cancun, with its international airport, is the gateway to the Riviera Maya. It may therefore be a good idea to stay there for the first few days, to recover from the long journey, or at the end of a traveling tour of the Yucatan, to enjoy the last days at sea.

For this reason I wanted to write this guide to help you choose the best area to stay in Cancun.

Where to Stay in Cancun

Where to Stay in Cancun

Cancun is divided into two main areas: Cancun City, where Mexicans and foreigners live, and the Neighborhood Hotel (Cancun Island), the heart of social life and where exclusive resorts and hotels are located.

If you choose to stay in the center of Cancun you will be further away from the beaches, but you will have a wide choice of hotels at reasonable prices. On the contrary, in the Hotelera area the rates are not exactly cheap, but you will have a long coastline of Caribbean beaches.

If on the other hand you plan to sleep in Cancun just to get to Isla Mujeres, an excellent solution is to stay in the area Puerto Juarez, from where the hydrofoils leave for the island.

The international airport is located approximately 8km south of the city center.

Cancun Downtown

If you want to save some money and are looking for an economic solution, Ciudad Cancun is the best choice where to stay in Cancun, there are several cheap hotels, hostels and apartments.

For example, if you arrive late in the evening in Cancun, the center can be the perfect base for a one night stopover before setting out to explore the Yucatan.

Alternatively, especially if you rent a car, you can choose to stay in a hotel near the airport, rest and start your tour the next day or move to other locations. For example, an inexpensive option is the Comfort Inn Cancun Airport, excellent as a base for one night.



Hotel zone

In the eastern part of Cancun is the Laguna Nichuptè, divided from the sea by a long strip of sand where there are exclusive hotels and trendy clubs; this is the Hotel Zone, where there is the highest concentration of tourist facilities.

The main street is Kukulcàn Avenue, a four-lane road with large hotels, shopping malls and clubs.

The Hotelera area is the best choice where to sleep in Cancun, for those on a substantial budget and want to stay directly on the beach. The area is also ideal for those who don't mind a bit of sparkling Las Vegas-style nightlife.



Puerto Juarez

About 3km north of downtown Cancun is Puerto Juarez, where ferries leave for Isla Mujeres. Porto Juarez is a good option for those who need a temporary solution to stay in Cancun before leaving for the enchanting Isla Mujeres.


Where to Stay in Cancun

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