How to get to Girona airport from Barcelona

    How to get to Girona airport from Barcelona
    Getting to Girona airport from Barcelona is not difficult thanks to the connections available. Here you have the itineraries to reach the important Catalan port.

    To get toGirona Airport from Barcelona Different routes are possible, well signposted and able to guide visitors to the airport. Those who leave from the suggestive Catalan capital to the Girona base, which serves the entire Costa Brava, will travel a stretch of more than 100 kilometers, the distance that separates Barcelona from the airport. The importance of this air hub lies in its centrality for Ryanair, which has made it a hub for flights to many European destinations. A possible way to get to the Girona base is by car, following the network of motorways that surround the airport.

    Those who opt forcar If you travel from Barcelona to Girona airport you must follow the N22 highway, which runs along the entire Catalan coast. With a little more time available, a good option could be to rent a vehicle, leaving from the center of Barcelona and arriving at the air base. Cheaper than taxi, the rental car will also allow you to make pleasant excursions along the spectacular beaches that make up the Costa Brava. Cars arrive right in front of the airport to immediately prepare travelers for check-in.

    The best way to get to Girona airport from Barcelona, ​​however, is another and is represented bybus numbers. There are two lines that provide the service: Sarfa Bus and Sagalés, departing from the city's main public transport station, Barcelona Nord. The total travel time is approximately one hour and twenty minutes, for a one-way ticket of 16 euros and the journeys are made every day, from 3 to 45 hours (departure time of the last trip from Barcelona Nord station) , in a service that offers free Wifi to its customers.

    Those who want to know how to get to Girona airport from Barcelona can also focus on train, although this method is a little more uncomfortable than the others. In fact, there are no direct connections between the Costa Brava airport and its train station, but a daily bus service allows you to reach the air base. The Spanish railway lines, managed by the RENFE group, cover the more than 100 kilometers that separate Barcelona Sants station from Girona station in approximately one hour and ten minutes.

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