The Best Beaches of Koh Lanta

In a previous article I explained to you which are the main tourist resorts of Koh Lanta and how to choose the one best area to stay.

Now you are ready to discover the best known beaches on the island of Koh Lanta.

Let's make a small introduction, the opinions on the sea of ​​the island are a bit conflicting, there are those who do not particularly appreciate its waters and those who adore them.

Perhaps we are not talking about the most beautiful sea in Thailand, not comparable to the waters of Koh Lipe; but in my opinion Koh Lanta offers spectacular beaches, with transparent sea and above all with a unique surrounding landscape.

In addition, a fundamental feature of every beach on Koh Lanta is that, even in the highest season, they are never crowded, indeed some are almost deserted.

The important thing is to understand the characteristics and peculiarities of each beach and know which ones are not to be missed.

The beaches are all located on the Western side of the islandand the most beautiful and unspoiled are those of the south, near the Koh Lanta National Park. We are talking about bays dominated by dense jungle, with fine white sand and a transparent sea.

The northern beaches are less fascinating but still beautiful, usually very extensive, with clean sea and offer all services; they are full of beach restaurants and accommodation facilities a stone's throw from the sea. Here the waters are still clean even if not always crystal clear, it also depends on the days and the tides.

Also keep in mind that from Koh Lanta there are several excursions to nearby islands, such as the beautiful ones Koh Rokor the famous ones Phi Phi Island.

So let's start this virtual travel between the beaches of Koh Lanta, starting from North to South. Let's also see how to find them since there are not always indications.

Guide to the Beaches of Koh Lanta from North to South

The Best Beaches of Koh Lanta

Klong Dao

The Best Beaches of Koh Lanta

Klong Dao is the first beach you come across from the north of the island, the closest to the port of Saladan. A long stretch of sand ideal for pleasant walks, full of restaurants and places to sip a drink while admiring it one of the most beautiful sunsets on the island.

 The sea is not among the best in Koh Lanta with not particularly clear waters. It is also often subject to tides and with low tides it retreats for several meters, making swimming and bathing more difficult.

I recommend Klong Dao more for an aperitif or dinner in one of the many restaurants on the beach, more than for a purely beach day.

Phra Ae Beach (Long Beach)

The Best Beaches of Koh Lanta

Phra Ae Beach, known as Long Beach in honor of its 5 km of extension, is one of the most popular beaches on Koh Lanta, known for its white sand.

The sea is among the best in the northern part of the island, it is less affected by the tides and is immediately deep enough, ideal for a nice swim. The colors change according to the days; sometimes the water is not as clear and crystalline, but we found some days where it was particularly clear.

The beach is flanked by a pine forest, which allows you to find some shade on the sunniest days.

Long Beach is full of restaurants and bars, well distributed along the beach, which create a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere. There are therefore many possibilities for a romantic dinner or a sunset beer.

Relax Bay 

The Best Beaches of Koh Lanta

Heading south, as Long Beach ends, you will find this pleasant bay known as Relax Bay.

Relax Bay is a small beach with soft sand and calm waters, where you can breathe a relaxing atmosphere; in fact there is only one accommodation facility, the Relax Bay Resort and a few restaurants and bars. Particularly recommended during sunset.

Going south, past the Relax Bay Resort and the Lanta Sport Academy, there is a road that will take you directly to the beach.

The Best Beaches of Koh Lanta

Secret Beach

The Best Beaches of Koh Lanta

Shortly after Relax Beach (before Klong Khong) there is another cove known as Secret Beach, so called precisely because not everyone knew it and it was difficult to find.

Now it is no longer a secret and easier to reach it: on the road to Klong Khong, you will find a sign with written “The way to Beautiful Beach” follow the signs and at the end of a dirt road lined with a series of trees is the beach of Secret Beach.

Although it is no longer secret, it remains a quiet and uncrowded beach, there is only a wooden kiosk. Secret Beach is the perfect place for a little relaxation surrounded by nature.

Klong Khong

The Best Beaches of Koh Lanta

Continuing our journey south, we meet the village of Klong Khong, here you will find one beach about 3 km long and full of bars, resorts, centers massages and clubs.

The beach is beautiful and with clean and transparent waters but it is very subject to the tides and is particularly rocky. So especially at low tide it will be more difficult to swim and bathe.

On the other hand, however, there are many places where you can have a drink, eat or listen to reggae music. In the evening they often organize beach parties.

Passing through the village of Klong Khong you can access the beach, entering the streets that lead to one of the many clubs or resorts, for example you can follow the signs for the Freedom Bar.

Actually at the end of the village there is a blue sign indicating Klong Khong Beach, but that is only a small part of the main beach, you should go through the center of the village.

Klong Nin Beach

The Best Beaches of Koh Lanta

More or less in the center of the island is Klong Nin, one of the best known beaches on Ko Lanta.

Klong Nin Beach is a long beach with soft sand, with fairly transparent waters and particularly suitable for swimming or taking a relaxing bath. There are some rocks but most of the beach is suitable for swimming.

The beach is full of resorts and restaurants that overlook the sea.

Caution: coming from the north after the village of Klong Toab, past the 7-Eleven, you will have to turn right and you will enter the town of Klong Nin. From here the road continues south along the sea.

If, on the other hand, you go straight on you go towards the east coast, in the direction of the Old Town. If you start to see the signs for the caves and go up an uphill road, it means that you have not turned into Klong Nin.

Nui Beach (Haad Nui)

The Best Beaches of Koh Lanta

About 1,5 km after Klong Nin there is the beautiful beach of Nui Beach, not to be confused with Nui Bay.

Nui Beach can be reached by passing through the Diamond Cliff Restaurant, you go down some wooden stairs and you arrive in this beautiful bay bathed by crystal clear waters.

A beach surrounded by nature, absolutely not to be missed.

The only negative note, in some corners of the beach you may find piles of garbage, a real shame.

Klong Hin

The Best Beaches of Koh Lanta

Klong Hin is a beach characterized by large dark rocks. The beach is not located within a village and is usually deserted.

Continuing from Nui Beach before Kantiang Bay as soon as you see the Dream Team Beach Resort the stretch of beach known as Klong Hin begins. You can access it through the resort, or immediately after there are entrances to the beach.

Kantiang Bay

The Best Beaches of Koh Lanta

The further you go down to the south coast of the island, the more beautiful the beaches become. One of these is Kantiang Bay, one of the last developed areas on the island before the National Park.

Kantiang Bay is considered by many to be like one of the most beautiful beaches on Koh Lanta and all of Thailand, about 1km of white sand bathed by transparent waters and unique colors. The landscape surrounding the beach is then the added value, a dense vegetation and it is not uncommon to meet monkeys or monitor lizards.

Coming from the north as soon as you enter the small village, there is a first entrance and you will find the sign right next to 7-Eleven. However, I recommend that you continue and pass the village. Just before going up the panoramic road you will see the entrance to the beach on the right, where you can park your moped. This spot in my opinion is the best in Kantiang Beach.

Ao Nui (Nui Bay)

The Best Beaches of Koh Lanta

Nui Bay is located a few kilometers south of Kantiang Bay. The sign indicating the beach is not clearly visible, but you will find that you are close to Nui Bay when you start to see many mopeds parked on the side of the road.

To reach the beach you have to take a fairly steep path of about 100 meters.

The beach is nothing short of beautiful, a bay with clear waters and lush nature. Fortunately, the beach is unspoiled, there are no resorts, just a kiosk where to eat and buy something to drink.

Be careful not to leave your backpacks unattended, because here, as in most beaches in the south, monkeys roam in search of food and can take anything from you and then run away quickly, proud of their loot.

Waterfall Bay (Ao Klong Jark)

The Best Beaches of Koh Lanta

Ao Klong Jark or Waterfall Bay is the penultimate beach before the National Park. Beautiful white sand beach and transparent waters. The landscape surrounding the beach is always characterized by a dense jungle.

Continuing towards the National Park before Bamboo Bay there are signs indicating the entrance to Klong Jark beach. There are a couple of resorts and restaurants on the beach, but it is still very quiet and always uncrowded. It will amaze you how even in the highest season there will be only you and a few other tourists.

You can combine a day of trekking to the waterfalls and a little relaxation on the beach!

Bamboo Bay (Ao Mai Pai)

The Best Beaches of Koh Lanta

The last and perhaps the most beautiful beach on Ko Lanta is Bamboo Bay. After Waterfool Bay the road climbs and on the right you will see a restaurant with a panoramic view of the bay. Stop at least to take some pictures.

Continuing there are 3 accesses to the beach, to be chosen according to the point where you want to stop.

In my opinion the best is more or less in the middle and is accessed via the road that leads to the only resort on the beach. In the first entrance you will also find a bar-restaurant, while the third is the wildest one.

The beach has a long stretch of white sand, transparent waters and is surrounded by mountains covered with dense jungle. A true unspoiled paradise, ideal for a day of pure relaxation.

Unfortunately, even here there are corners where waste brought by the sea accumulates.

Always beware of monkeys, if you go for a swim check your backpack and maybe cover it with a sarong, and get ready to run if you spot any monkeys near your things!

Mu Lata National Park

The Best Beaches of Koh Lanta

After Bamboo Bay the National park begins. The entrance fee is 200 bath (about € 6) per person plus 20 bath for the scooter. In addition to the possibility of trekking in the jungle, entering the park to the left of the lighthouse, there is Sand Beach, a beautiful sandy beach where you can relax a little, especially if you have walked the path of almost 2 km inside the park.

Always pay attention to the monkeys here that are so many and suddenly appear, I ran to save my backpack, I looked like Usain Bolt.

The most beautiful beaches of Koh Lanta: Conclusions

With this article I wanted to show you all the most famous beaches of the island of koh Lanta. In my opinion they are all worth seeing, so when you go around with the scooter from north to south you will meet them all.

But in summary we can say:

South Beach: the most beautiful and unspoiled:

Klong Nin: central location and bathing waters;

Klong Khongnot suitable for swimming at low tide, ideal for a beach party;

Long Beach: Long beach with clean and bathing waters

Klong DaoIdeal for an aperitif at sunset or a romantic dinner.

Below you will find the video with all the beaches of Koh Lanta, starting from the far south to the north.

The Best Beaches of Koh Lanta

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