Tour of Thailand, a treasure trove of wonders and infinite surprises

    Tour of Thailand, a treasure trove of wonders and infinite surprises
    How to get to Thailand, the beaches and lush nature embrace seductive metropolises, the capital Bangkok and hundreds of temples

    La Thailand It is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. It is a large nation, with a wide range of possibilities to offer the most attentive visitors. It is the country of "free men" (this is the meaning of the word "Thai") that offers a northern part full of mystical temples with the most beautiful colors and a south with fairy-tale white beaches. Also, of course, Bangkok, its capital, resplendent with attractions, especially attractive to young backpacker travelers who come to it from all over the world.

    Departures from Rome and Milan are: flights flights, which have a weekly frequency, from the national airline Thai Airways and, after more than 11 hours of flight, you arrive at Bangkok's modern Suvarnabhumi airport, opened in 2006. But flights to and from Thailand are usually full, so Many tourists choose to arrive by land, from Malaysia's four border crossings: two are located on the west coast, one in the center and one on the east coast.

    To travel in train From Kuala Lumpur or Singapore to Bangkok it is not possible to buy a single ticket, but there are express trains that cross the border into Malaysia at Padang Besar. The trip stops in Butterworth, Malaysia, to sleep ashore and make subsequent connections. The technological and brilliant Eastern & Oriental Express, however, runs the entire Bangkok-Singapore route, but this privilege is very expensive. There are also several road border crossings between Thailand and Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia, but they are not very busy. It is also possible – and legal – for foreigners to cross the border. mekong river by boat, between Thailand and Laos.

    To travel between internal locations in Thailand it is possible to use planes from companies such as Bangkok Airways, which connects the capital with Ko Samui, Phuket, Krabi, Sukhothai, Pattaya, Chiang Mai and Trat. The same distances can also be covered by trains from Thailand's well-structured and organized state railway network. Equally comfortable and decidedly economical.bus numbers, especially by turning to the most qualified companies.

    In the capital Bangkok and in the largest cities of Thailand, public transport such as the skytrain or the more traditional ones is used. Tuk tuk (colorful three-wheeled motorcycle taxis) and trishaw (three-wheeled bicycle taxis). Or metered taxis, where it is advisable to get an exact fare before leaving. To travel between the islands there are long-tail boats: local ferries equipped with all the comforts.

    Il Best time Visiting Thailand is in the months between November and February, cooler and drier and with lower percentages of humidity: the long sunny days are not even interrupted by downpours. For the most adventurous and lovers of the atmospheric variety, for those who prefer spring and summer, the temperatures are higher (around 35°C), increasing the possibility of finding rain that, however, tends to be concentrated in the hours pm. For those who arrive in the country in August, it is better to stay in the Gulf of Siam, where precipitation, especially in the small but dry Ko Samet, is significantly less than in the Andaman Sea.

    Bangkok – the “City of Angels”, as the Thai beginning of its ceremonial name says – (more than 8 million inhabitants, a figure that rises to 15 if you consider its interior) is the colorful, bustling, extensive and frenetic metropolis, ancient and modern, which undoubtedly does not lack charm and appeal for tourists. Those looking for sun and sea can go to the nearby island of Ko Samet, lovers of history and culture can get lost in its streets and museums.

    Old Bangkok is the area enclosed in a bend of the Chao Phraya River, where the oldest buildings are located, such as the Great Royal Palace and other important temples. Plaza Siam It is the main shopping center, the main shopping area of ​​the capital of Thailand.

    La Sukhumvit Road It is an area of ​​recent expansion, in which numerous shopping centers, shops, nightclubs and restaurants are concentrated, created to offer services to foreigners living in Bangkok and tourists who visit it during vacations. Patpong is one of the red light districts, with pubs, numerous restaurants, nightclubs, go go bars and a night market selling fashion items and clothing from 19:24 p.m. to midnight. The well-known Chinatown district – or Yaowarat to Thais – is a branch of China within Bangkok, a picturesque part of the city worth visiting.

    Not only its capital but all of Thailand is like a great treasure chest full of wonders and surprises that truly seem inexhaustible. The historic city of Ayutthaya, About 70 kilometers from Bangkok, it has its historical park that is part of the list of world heritage sites protected by UNESCO. It was the capital of a large and very wealthy empire for more than four centuries, starting in 1351, and there are numerous temples there: Wat Phraram, Wat Ratchaburana, Wat Scri Samphetl, Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon. Looted and burned by the Burmese invaders in the XNUMXth century, Ayutthaya preserves with its ruins the memory of what was considered the most beautiful city in the East.

    Finally, the beaches and coastal paradises such as the islands of Ko Samui and Ko Phangan, Phuket, Khao Lak or Ko Samet, charming places rich in green and lush nature, are other reasons that make a vacation in Thailand truly unforgettable. .

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