What is better to buy in Thailand?

    What is better to buy in Thailand?
    What is better to buy in Thailand? The Asian country is full of counterfeiters, but with a little attention you can take home magnificent original souvenirs.


    Not knowing What is better to buy in Thailand? It is very difficult, given that the Asian country guarantees an immense offer to its visitors. Precisely for this reason we must pay attention to scammers, who are especially abundant in the capital, Bangkok, and who often pass off real rubbish to unsuspecting tourists. The stalls that wind through the urban centers of Thailand are one of the main postcards of a visit to the state and where you can buy splendid souvenirs. Artisanal products, typical specialties, clothing and rhinestones are some of them.

    Among the things worth buying when visiting Thailand, the following must certainly be mentioned: minerals, especially the most valuable ones. Gold jewelry has a fairly low cost due to low-paid labor, but this also affects the final quality of the product. Those with the necessary financial resources will do well to focus on rubies, diamonds and sapphires or raw silver jewellery, a mineral of which Thailand is one of the world's largest exporters.

    In the colorful and busy Thai markets you can also get good deals with Garments. In particular, pure silk is something worth buying in Thailand as it is of excellent quality and affordable. It is bought by the meter but remember that before buying it is a good idea to negotiate with the seller, to ensure it at a good price. Beware of counterfeit versions of big brands, such as Nike, Levi's, Armani and many others, sold in major tourist destinations such as Phuket and beyond.

    Those who want to spend relatively little and take home some Thai souvenirs can opt for i malls, like the gigantic Siam Paragon in Bangkok. Among the many products that can be purchased we can mention electronic devices, such as smartphones, tablets and many others. Finally, those who want to return home with some typical products, among the most convenient things when traveling to Thailand, can go to the markets. Specialties abound including rice, chicken, hot spices and mushrooms.

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