5 things to see in Brittany, the glory of France

    5 things to see in Brittany, the glory of France
    A trip to Brittany to discover castles and unmissable entertainment opportunities: here are 5 things to see in this area of 鈥嬧媙orthern France.

    Why not choose Brittany as a holiday destination? In spring and summer, this region of northern France is at its best and offers many things to see thanks to the numerous castles, numerous entertainment opportunities and its fascinating culture linked above all to the medieval era. In this guide we offer you five of the many attractions that you can see in Brittany.

    Brest and its Oceanopolis
    Visit Brittany without savoring the beauties of Brest, means an incomplete vacation. Discover its museums and places linked to the relationship with the sea - a characteristic that makes it famous - and don't miss the great Ocean贸polis, the enormous aquarium with numerous recreational and educational sections perfect even for the little ones. Here, in fact, you will find a pavilion linked to the tropical areas of the Earth, where you can even observe the fearsome sharks (of which there are 7 different species!), but also the largest colony of penguins in Europe, present in the section polar. A must-see is the new pavilion of the aquarium, where the special biodiversity of Brittany is told. For the little ones there are always new multimedia trips to explore environmental issues through technology.

    The fairytale landscape of the pink granite coast
    For the best maritime scenery in Brittany, set aside some time to spend on the pink granite coast in the north of the region. It is a landscape dotted with large granite boulders that over time have softened the passage of the sea. Along the coast you will find numerous attractions such as the municipality of Tregastel, where you can admire the castle of the island of Costa茅r猫s, the majestic villas of the island of Renote and the granite structures with multiple shapes, almost as if they had been intentionally sculpted by the hand of man. In addition, you can visit the municipality of Tr茅beurden and take a boat trip to Milliau Island. Lastly, don't forget a photo of the famous person. the lighthouse of Ploumanac'h Located in an area loved by tourists also for its beaches.

    Fort-la-Latte, where you can relive medieval times
    There are many castles in Brittany and you could even organize a tour dedicated exclusively to them, to catapult you back to the medieval era, which deeply marked the history of the region. However, if you are short on time, one of the castles that you can see is undoubtedly the one called Fort-la-Latte, which is located in the municipality of Plevenon, near the English Channel Strait. From its thick and grandiose tower you can contemplate the horizon and feel the excitement as soon as you realize that you are on a cliff that overlooks the sea at about 70 meters high. Also take a visit inside to discover its history because the tour is truly evocative. Like medieval knights, cross the drawbridge to discover the private rooms, the garden, the tower and the famous menhir which, according to tradition, recalls the finger of Gargantua, a character in the Rebelais novels.

    Rennes and its cathedral
    If you want to see one of Brittany's cultural centers, take a trip to Rennes to visit the city and its monuments. Among them, you should not miss the San Pedro Cathedral, a beautiful pearl of Brittany. The imposing neoclassical fa莽ade features towers built over a fairly long period of time. For example, the first part was built in the 16th century, while the second and third levels above the main door were not built until the following century. The interiors are magnificent and will surely surprise you with the sweetness of the colors and the beautiful decoration of the vault above the altar representing Christ and the Apostles.

    Brittany glorious country: Vitr茅 Castle
    You won't believe your eyes when you arrive at the city of Vitr茅 because a huge castle will appear in front of you, with a fairy-tale composition and sumptuous structure, worthy of the best tales of chivalry. Pass through the old moat by walking across the drawbridge and enjoy the entire route of the castle, which was built in the 11th century, but expanded in the middle and late years of the Late Middle Ages. Characteristics of the structure are the numerous towers topped with black pointed roofs. In the square you will also find a museum dedicated to the castle, perfect if you want to delve into the history of this symbol of Brittany.

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