Chio: what to see on this Greek island

    Chio: what to see on this Greek island
    Chios or Chios is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece. Let's find out what it offers.

    Chios is a Greek islandEastern Aegean, off the Turkish coast. Over the centuries, the island has suffered various colonizations: from the Ionians to the Persians, from the League of Deloe to the Roman Empire. The island eventually passed into the hands of the Genoese, whose influence is still felt today. After falling into the hands of the Ottoman Empire, Chios became part of Greece at the beginning of the last century. According to tradition the island takes its name from the son of Poseidon and is Homer was born here.. It is shaped like a crescent, with red earth, and black sand beaches.

    Chios remains a relatively quiet island, the structures are small and most are family-run hotels. The largest hotel structures are located in the capital and in Karfas. The island, however, has a total of 66 towns, all unique and characteristic. Here you can admire the traces left by the various cultures that have dominated the island over time, for example in the north we find towns such as Volissos or Agio Gala with their healing springs, while in the interior is the small center of Anavatos, built on a rock. To the south you can admire medieval towns such as Pyrgi or Olympi. The island also offers a considerable number of more or less quiet beaches, in the Karfas or Nagos area, or even further south in Megas Limnionas or Agia Fontini.

    On the island there is a wide variety of tavern typical places to enjoy greek cuisine dishes. The places are never very expensive and the dishes are usually served on individual plates in the center of the table to be enjoyed together. The capital also offers a variety of Location In which to spend the night, there are also discos open exclusively in the summer period. The city of Chios is not the only place to find nightlife, you can also visit, for example, Karfas or Komi. The island can be reached both by air and by sea. In plane First you will have to stop in Athens, after which you can arrive directly to Chios. With the ferry However, you can leave from the port of Athens and, with a 9-hour trip, reach the island. To move it is preferable rent a car so you can discover the different towns.

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