Corfu one of the most beautiful islands in Greece

    Corfu is an island of grace and kindness, located in the north east of the Ionian Sea. It faces the mainland coast of Epirus and is separated from Albania by a 1,5 nautical mile strait. Corfu is the capital of the seven Ionian Islands with an area of ​​592 square kilometers, and is the second largest island of the Ionian Islands, with a beautiful coastline of 217 km, and a population of over 110.000 inhabitants.

    Corfu is also the greenest island in all of Greece, with a mild and humid climate. The imposing vegetation of the island consists mainly of olive and cypress trees (about 4 million olive trees), which were planted in the Venetian period from the 13th to the 18th century. The highest mountain on the island is the Pantokrator mountain with its peak exceeding 900 meters high above the sea level.

    Corfu's economy is based on agriculture but above all on tourism. Olive oil is the island's flagship product and is considered to be among the best in Greece. Other products are milk, butter, cheese, white wine and processed meats. A very famous product that is only produced on this island and nowhere else is Cumquat. It is a small orange that Marco Polo had brought here from his long journey to China in the 13th century.

    The main source of the island's economy is the great tourist development of recent years. The capital of the island is also called Corfu, Kerkyra in Greek, and is built in the Venetian style. The historic center of the city is made up of French and English architectural elements. You can get to Corfu either with flights departing from Rome, Milan and the main airports or by ferry from the city of Saranda in Albania.

    Corfu one of the most beautiful islands in Greece
    Agios Spiridon Beach in Paleokastritsa, Corfu - Photo from Istock
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