Halkidiki Peninsula: what to do and the most beautiful beaches

A welcoming land, characterized by white sand beaches and crystal clear sea. Discovering the Halkidiki peninsula in Greece.

A special, off-the-beaten-path territory that extends to the north of the Aegean Sea and is divided into three strips of land: the Chalkidiki Peninsula It is a splendid part of Greece, characterized by a crystal clear sea and uncontaminated nature, but also by numerous tourist facilities, capable of satisfying the needs of every traveler.

Halkidiki is made up of three smaller peninsulas, Kassandra a west, Sithonia in the center and Agion Oros or Mount Athos in the East, where you will find luxury hotels, campsites and apartments for rent. There are numerous beaches suitable for families with children, as well as free beaches for young people and lovers of nature and tranquility.

How to get to the Halkidiki peninsula

Getting to the Halkidiki peninsula is very simple. From plane to boat: there are several options that can satisfy all budgets. But whether you choose one or another means of transportation, once you arrive at your destination, the best option to take a tour of the Halkidiki Peninsula is rent a car: Public transport only connects big cities and is not suitable for discovering some hidden places.

Halkidiki Peninsula: what to do and the most beautiful beaches
Possidi Beach, Blue Flag Halkidiki Peninsula

Getting to the Halkidiki Peninsula by plane

The plane is the most comfortable and fastest way to get to the Halkidiki peninsula. Numerous connections are available from Italy to Thessaloniki: some low-cost airlines such as Ryanair depart from Milan and Rome. There are also many flights operated by Aegean Airlines, the largest Greek company by number of passengers. To get to the Halkidiki peninsula from Thessaloniki airport you will have to travel between an hour and an hour and a half by car, depending on your destination.

Getting to the Halkidiki Peninsula by boat

The only way to reach the Halkidiki peninsula by boat from Italy is to embark from one of the Adriatic ports bound for Abbess, the first stop in Greece. Once you land here and rent a car, you will have to drive on the highway to 4-5 horas before reaching your final destination.

What to see on the Halkidiki peninsula

Not only splendid beaches and the Caribbean Sea. The Halkidiki peninsula is full of places to visit for history and nature lovers. Here are some places not to be missed.


Thessaloniki (Thessaloniki) is the industrial and commercial heart of Greece. The cultural offer of Thessaloniki has characterized its success, thanks to the numerous museums of the city (first of all the Archaeological Museum) or to archaeological sites of the surrounding area and events such as the Thessaloniki International Film Festival, which has been held in the port since 2001.

Halkidiki Peninsula: what to do and the most beautiful beaches
The beauty of Thessaloniki

Monte Athos: crociera in Monte Sacro

Mount Athos, a rocky peak approximately 2000 meters high, is known as Agion Oros, that is, Holy Mountain, because for more than a thousand years ascetics, anchorites, mystics, hermits, monks and saints have made it a sacred place and a perched citadel of Orthodox religious tradition.

Access to Mount Athos only men are allowed who demonstrate religious or scientific interest. This experience is denied to women who have to settle for boat excursions off the coast and which still allow them to observe from a distance the monasteries that overlook the sea.

Halkidiki Peninsula: what to do and the most beautiful beaches
Mount Athos in Greece

Meteorite monasteries

Meteors are considered a geographical miracle, there are many theories about their formation. According to the most accredited theory, it seems that its formation was caused by one of the most shocking earthquakes of the time. To underline the wonder of these torre natural, man throughout history has built wonderful monasteries. Appropriate attire is required to enter the monasteries: women must wear long skirts and entry in short-sleeved shirts is strictly prohibited for both sexes.

La Gruta de Petralona

The host of the Petralona Caves geological formations beautiful: stalactites, stalagmites as well as numerous prehistoric objects that have been found in these famous caves. When it was discovered in 1959, they were also found here. human bone remains, the oldest ever found in Greece. This fundamental discovery allowed us to study the presence and evolution of man in Europe.

The most beautiful beaches of the Halkidiki peninsula.

The best beaches on the Halkidiki peninsula are located in the Sithonia area, the central strip of land. Sithonia's beaches are numerous and of white sand and can satisfy all tastes. These are some of the beaches that you should not miss.

Halkidiki Peninsula: what to do and the most beautiful beaches
Playa Armenistis in Halkidiki

The beaches of Agios Nikolaos

Near the largest city in Sithonia, Agios Nikolaos, there are many beaches with white sand and crystal clear sea. The first one we find, about 2 kilometers from the town, is the Playa de Sxoinia. If you love wide beaches and playing with the waves, go to Livrochio Beach.

The beaches of Vourvourou

Here are the most beautiful beaches on the Halkidiki peninsula. The Vourvourou coast manages to unite equipped beaches and wild coasts, with small, intimate and quiet coasts. The water is crystal clear and always calm because this place is rarely buffeted by wind. In front of the beach are the diaporose islets, which contribute to making the landscape even more characteristic.

Halkidiki Peninsula: what to do and the most beautiful beaches
The wild charm of the beaches of Vourvourou

The beaches between Vourvourou and Sarti

From the center of Vourvourou in the direction of Sarti, you will find numerous beaches. The path, which lasts approximately half an hour, has numerous detours that will take you to beaches and small, beautiful little-frequented coves. Among the most beautiful are Fava beach, Lacara, Zografou and Bahia beach.

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