How to visit the beautiful island of Milos in Greece

Milos is one of the most spectacular islands of the Cyclades. It is a beautiful volcanic island with thermal springs and extraordinary rock formations along the coast, with numerous beaches, sensational views and colorful fishing villages. An island with a long and rich history whose archaeological remains have no equivalent (in the Cyclades) except those of Delos or Santorini.

Most of the island's tourist infrastructure is concentrated around the port of Adamas and along the entire north coast to the port of Pollonia. The south coast is home to an almost uninterrupted string of golden-hued sandy beaches. Finally, the western part of the island is a nature reserve, covered with hills, the highest of which, Profitis Ilias, rises to 774 meters.

What to see in Milos

The most important city is Plate, located on top of a hill. From here you can enjoy a magnificent view of the Gulf of Milos and the mountain villages: Tripiti, Triovasalos and Pera Triovasalos. The place is even more beautiful at sunset. Its streets are adorned with traditional white houses with colored windows. There are restaurants, bars and small shops everywhere.

It is possible to visit the archaeological museum which has inside a copy of the famous Venus de Milo exhibited at the Louvre Museum in Paris. Going up you reach the veneziano castle, overlooking the entrance to the bay and the surrounding Plaka plain.

At the foot of the cliff and reachable from Trypiti, it is located Air-Conditioning, probably one of the most photogenic villages of the island with its typical colored houses called syrmata, very characteristic and colorful buildings that serve both as a shed for the fishermen's boats and as a home for their family.

How to visit the beautiful island of Milos in Greece
The picturesque village of Klima in Milos in Greece - Photo from Istock

Sarakiniko - a landscape of white pumice sculpted by the wind, many times described as a lunar landscape. If you arrive early in the morning, the place is almost deserted and its atmosphere seems alien. Here it is possible to swim in the various bays bathed by an almost always calm sea.

The village of Pollonia, is a charming traditional fishing village with magnificent beaches. Close to it is located Philacopi, archaeological site, and notes Papafrangas caves.

Achivadolimni - a long sandy beach on the north coast, in the center of the island, along a campsite.

Try it - a beautiful beach in the south of the island, accessible by bus, with beautiful colored rocks.

What to do in Milos

Visit Papafragas

These deep sea caves represent one of the most impressive places on the island. On a calm windless day, you can swim in the crystal clear waters of those caves.

Bathing in Sarakiniko

About 2 kilometers along the coast road east of Adamas is one of the most photographed scenes in the Aegean, Sarakiniko. It is a lunar landscape, truly unique with white rocks, which stretch towards the sea forming steps.

Reach the catacombs of Milo

To the southwest of the village of Tripiti and 150 m above sea level, on a steep hill are the catacombs of Milos. This was the meeting place of the first Christians. Here, they held religious ceremonies and buried their dead, out of sight of the pagans of that time.

Visit the Sikia cave

It is located in the southwestern part of the island and is an extraordinary cave. Inside there is a beautiful small beach. The only way to visit Sikia is by boat.

A cruise around Milos

One of the activities not to be missed in Milos is to explore the island by boat. It is the perfect opportunity to rediscover the beauties of Milos from different angles and reach new places, such as small wild coves to swim.

From the port of Adamas, dozens of boats offer daily cruises with rates ranging from € 30 to € 80 per person. To do the tour of Milos you can also choose a sailing boat where drinks and lunch are included in the price. More information on cruises to Milos.

Explore the western part of the island

If you have an adventurous soul and a driving license, rent a 4 × 4 and go explore the western part of the island, the wildest and least touristy part. Here you will find hidden coves and wild beaches. A little tip: do not go on an adventure if you have not rented a 4 × 4, which is necessary for driving on the steep streets of Milos.

Where to sleep in Milos

How to visit the beautiful island of Milos in Greece
Adamantas, the main port of Milos - Greece

In Greece there are dozens of islands that offer cheap prices for hotels and various services, Milos is one of them. There are only about 200 hotels on the island, so you don't get that feel of a big tourist spot. It is certainly a niche destination, which can offer a lot with beautiful views and beaches.

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How to reach us

Another advantage of Milos is that it is one of the most easily accessible islands with a ferry from Athens (about 3 hours), which makes it a great combination between a short visit to the capital and a sunny stay on the beach and the sea.

They are easily found cheap flights to Athens from many cities and airports, so that Milos is a good example of these smaller islands within easy reach of the port of Piraeus, close to the main airport.

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How to visit the beautiful island of Milos in Greece
Milos – Grecia – Photo da Istock
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