Kea, the most unknown island in the Cyclades is a true discovery

    Kea, the most unknown island in the Cyclades is a true discovery
    Far from the hustle and bustle of Mykonos and Santorini. Here are the Cyclades of relaxation

    lakea island, also known as Tzia, is located in the Cyclades Islands and is located in the most remote and quiet corner of the archipelago, far from the busiest tourist destinations in the area such as Mykonos and Santorini.

    this little paradise It has recently been discovered by tourism, to the point that many foreigners are starting to buy a small home for their retirement and world-famous architects such as Christos Vlachos and Ioannis Michalopoulos have created splendid residences there. Also thanks to climate: For six months of the year, between May and October, it is wonderful here.

    The island's population is less than 3.000 inhabitants and is a place of absolute relaxation, where life simply flows, accompanied by authentic gastronomy

    On the island there are some most beautiful beaches in the mediterranean. The coast is a whole succession of deserted coves, one more beautiful than the other, some can only be reached on foot. There Otzias Beach, approximately 700 meters long, is one of the most delicious.

    La Galiaskari Beach, near Korissa, is the busiest on the island. they are also beautiful Kounduros Beaches, of Kampi and the solitary Liparo, the Islamic beaches of Poles, Spathi and Sikaminia.

    The island has numerous winding roads, ideal for long walks. The interior of the island is a bucolic mountainous landscape rich in vineyards and almond trees. These characteristics confirm that the island is indeed an ideal destination for all those who wish to create a refuge in an uncontaminated paradise of the Aegean Sea.

    The sea that surrounds the island is very attractive for divers, given the presence of numerous wrecks. The island is also known for shipwreck of HMHS Britannic, the sister ship of the Titanic, which is located about 100 meters deep.

    But it is worth diving into the spectacular seabed: curiously, a large population of Parrotfish which are generally found in tropical seas.

    The architecture of Ioulis (called “Chora” by locals), the capital of the island, differs considerably from the classical architecture of the Cyclades, offering a small Mediterranean style town with terracotta roofs and located on top of a hill. Cars cannot access the center and the capital is an extremely quiet city.

    The main feature of Chroa is the number of churches and temples found around every corner, some of which are true hidden treasures.

    Scattered throughout the island there are numerous Ancient ruins, such as the city of Karthea, accessible mainly by sea, an open-air museum of rare importance and beauty, with the Temple of Athena and its still intact columns overlooking a fairytale beach.

    Walking around the island you will come across abandoned chapels, picturesque ports and typical taverns full of charm, where you can taste traditional Greek dishes but also delicious lobsters.

    The island of Kea can be reached in approximately one hour ferry ride from Lavrio port, located 40 minutes from Athens airport.

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