Organize a low cost holiday in Crete

For those looking for a low cost holiday this summer, Crete is definitely a great destination. The island of Crete is certainly, together with Kos, the cheapest island for travel and holidays among the Greek islands.

Flights Crete

Thanks to the many low cost flights departing from the airports, reaching Crete is quite cheap and easy. In about 2 hours of flight you arrive on the island. Many of the airports have direct flights with Chania and Heraklion airport.

Costs & Prices

Crete is a great destination for those looking for an affordable holiday. For example, for the flight in the month of May there are offers and rates under € 50 (round trip) and for the hotel in this period you also spend less than € 50 per person for 1 week. So, with 100 € you can easily book flights and hotels for a week in Crete.

Check rates and book a hotel or accommodation in Crete


Other costs

The cost of living is also quite cheap. The rates of services on the beach are lower than those practiced on Italian beaches.

For lunch and dinner you spend about € 10-15 in cheap restaurants. The figure increases if you choose fish dishes and well-known restaurants in good locations.

For car rental you spend around € 20 per day. It is advisable to book the car in advance, essential for touring the island.

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When to go

Already since May the climate is warm, as demonstrated by the opening of all the water parks on the island, while the sea temperature ranges from 21 ° to 22 °. It is not really hot for taking long baths in the sea, but good for the first dives, in a sea with splendid and crystalline water. This is the cheapest period to visit Crete.

Il best period to visit Crete go from September to mid-October when temperatures are still high, the sea water has a temperature of 25 ° and the fares for flights and hotels are much lower than in July and August.

July and August is the period of high season. In this period the fares of flights and hotels are the highest. For those who want to visit the island in this period it is advisable book well in advance, to avoid high costs under date or to avoid the risk of not finding seats for flights and hotel accommodation.

June, after September and October, it is the second best time to visit the island. The climate is fully summer and the fares for flights and hotels are still cheap.

How to organize a holiday in Crete

To organize a trip or vacation to Crete it is quite simple and inexpensive. You must first book the 2 basic services, namely flight and accommodation. And then the other services you may need like the car rent, the various tours and visits that you want to do on the island.

In some periods of the year, for the high season and for last minute bookings, it may be more convenient to book a Complete vacation package with flight + hotel.

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Organize a low cost holiday in Crete
Agios Nikolaos on the island of Crete - Photo from Istock
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