Preveza, the new destination in Greece to go to this summer

    This old fishing port, still little known by Italians, is the next seaside resort to go to on vacation.
    Preveza, the new destination in Greece to go to this summer
    Preveza, a small Greek pearl of the Ionian Sea

    The new route from Italy that easyJet will open in June will be very popular with Italians with a passion for Greece. It is the one that takes tourists to Preveza (on the company website you will find "Prevesa"), a beautiful coastal city overlooking the Ionian Sea.

    Located between Parga and the splendid island of Lefkada, at the entrance to the Gulf of Amvrakikos, it is a really pleasant tourist destination, not yet very exploited, and not only by the sea. The strait is formed by the small peninsula where the main city, Artà, is located.

    Located on a peninsula in the extreme southwest of the Epirus region, it has a characteristic fishing port full of typical bars and taverns and, in summer, also numerous boats and yachts that choose this mooring because it is very sheltered from the north and east winds.

    Preveza was once surrounded by forts, many of which have now been destroyed. But behind the charming historic center were three castles, Kastro Agios Andreas, Kastro Agios Georgios and Kastro Pantokratoras, all built in the 19th century. They are what remains of a turbulent history, which speaks of a succession of dominations, from the Ottomans to the Venetians, passing through the Greeks, the Italians and even the Germans.

    Also not to be missed is the Agios Charalambos Cathedral, restored in 1793, which preserves splendid gold-colored icons and sculptures inside, and the bell tower adjacent to the church dating from 1752.

    But Greece is synonymous with beaches. Here then, along its 60 kilometers of coastline, you will find some of the most famous in the area, such as Monolith and the Caribbean Alonaki Fanariou.

    Given the strategic position of Provence, the city offers its visitors the possibility of organizing excursions in the surrounding area. First of all, Lefkada, with its beaches among the most beautiful in Greece. But with the ferry you can also quickly reach the island of Paxos, the island of Poseidon.

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