Reach Manhattan from JFK Airport

There are many alternatives to reach the center of New York, in this post you will find a series of options from the cheapest to the most comfortable.


It is the most comfortable alternative, but not the cheapest, the cost including tolls and tips is about $ 65, not even that much considering that a taxi can carry up to 4 people.

It will take 30 to 60 minutes to reach Manhattan.

Transfer by Go Airlink Shuttle

It is a minibus that carries up to 12 people and drops you directly in front of your hotel, but you have to wait until it fills up completely and it usually takes about 2 hours.

It can be booked online on the website Go Airlink.

In my opinion, if there are 2 or 3 people, a taxi is better, then it also depends on the time of arrival, because if there is traffic the taxi fare increases.

Cheaper solutions

Bus and Metro

It's surely the cheapest way to get to Manhattan, The buses depart from Terminal 4 of the airport (the terminals are connected by the free Air Train service) and take you to the respective Metro.

Q10 Bus – Kew Gardens

Q3 Bus – Jamaica

B15 Bus – Bedford-Stuyvesant.

With the MetroCard, the cost is approximately $ 2.25.

Train and Metro

The Air Train shuttle (in service 24su24) will take you to fermate Howard Beach o Jamaica (cost $ 5) both direct to Manhattan.

Jamaica station is suitable for Midtown or Upper Manhattan while line A leaves from Howard Beach station, suitable for Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan.

The time to reach Midtown Manhattan is approximately 60 minutes, 65-75 minutes to Downtown Manhattan and 85 minutes to the North area.

If you have the MetroCard, you only pay for the shuttle.


You can reach Jamaica station by Air Train and continue towards Manhattan's Pen Station with the fast trains of the Long Island Railroad.

It is certainly the fastest solution, about 40 minutes to reach the center of New York, even if a little more expensive than the subway.

Reach Manhattan from JFK Airport

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