Rhodes out of season: here's what you should visit

    These are the tips for those who decide to visit Rhodes in non-summer seasons.

    Rhodes out of season: here's what you should visit
    the beautiful city of Born in Greece, on the island of the same name, It is a destination appreciated by all types of tourists, big or small: with the large number of attractions it offers, it is suitable to visit both in summer and out of season. The medieval city is located within a 4 kilometer long wall. At his entrance the famous Colossus of rhodes, one of the seven wonders of the world, collapsed due to a very strong earthquake a few decades after its construction.

    La upper city It contains several cultural attractions within it: Rhodes in Greece is one of the most beautiful urban complexes of the Gothic period. With the Via dei Cavalieri, the Grand Hospital and the Palace of the Grand Masters it expresses the essence of the Gothic style.
    The Palace of the Grand Masters (or of the Knights) was born as a fortress in the 14th century and was later rebuilt in the fascist era: inside it houses magnificent Japanese vases and precious mosaics from Kos. Outside is Via dei Cavalieri, a cobblestone street where the Museum of Decorative Art is located.
    The Grand Hospital, located in the beautiful Place Moussiou, currently houses an archaeological museum where it is also possible to see the remains of the old hospital: in fact, finds such as the sick beds and the refectory are visible.

    Other places to visit in the Upper Town of Rhodes in Greece are undoubtedly the Bastions, near the Great Hospital, the Byzantine Museum, located in front of the Archaeological Museum and containing precious icons from the Byzantine era, and the Turkish bath, which has the particularity of There are days dedicated to men and others to women. In addition, on the main street of the Upper Town there are several shops selling skins and typical jewelry.

    La Lower Town The city of Rhodes in Greece is more suitable for a summer trip, given the number of beaches present, but now we will look at the stops that you should not miss if you decide to visit out of season. First of all, there is the Museum of Modern Art, in Piazza Nestoridis, and on its 3 floors works from the Ioannou collection are exhibited. Also notable are the Muslim Cemetery, located near the Mosque, and the markets, close to both the stadium and the cemetery, present almost every day.
    3 kilometers from the Old City, on Mount Smith, it is possible to visit the archaeological site that contains the remains of a temple dedicated to the god Apollo; From here the view is fabulous, it is no coincidence that the Acropolis was once here.

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