What to do and see in Biarritz in France

    What to do and see in Biarritz in France
    Biarritz: what to see in one of the most beautiful French places and least known by tourists, with splendid sea views and interesting cultural destinations

    If you're wondering what you can see in BiarritzSuffice it to say that it is one of the most beautiful towns located on the Atlantic coast of France. This city in the Aquitaine region also offers several splendid sandy beaches: whoever decides to give it a try will be able to choose it as a destination for their summer holidays.

    Among the countless things to see in Biarritz, priority must undoubtedly be given to virgin rock. This sculpture stands on a rock overlooking the ocean, at the end of the city's long pier: it is a walk that can be taken during the sunset, whose thousand colors give an impressive view of the Atlantic Ocean. Returning inside, a few steps from the Scoglio is the city Aquarium. Museum of the Mer, rich in different species of marine animals, including sharks, turtles, seals and giant squid.

    Staying near the coast of Biarritz, you can visit the church of Saint Eugenie. It is a splendid neo-Gothic cathedral that dates back to 1903 and is dedicated to Empress Eug茅nie de Montijo, wife of Napoleon III. Another fascinating little church is the Imperial Chapel, decorated with numerous frescoes and mosaics, with signs of Arab culture.

    Biarritz has no shortage of museums either, and some are quite special. one is the Planet of Chocolate Museum, dedicated to the history of chocolate: admission also includes a couple of chocolates and a coupon for a cup of hot chocolate. So there it is'Asian Museum of Oriental Art, which contains rich collections of works from all parts of Asia. Among the various artifacts, a splendid sculpture of Buddha stands out, located in a room completely dedicated to Buddhist culture.

    Even lovers of the sea and beaches will be able to find what to do and see in this town. A splendid location is the beach of Basque coast which, in addition to guaranteeing a suggestive panorama, offers the possibility of practicing some water sports such as surfing. Also very charming and picturesque. Fisherman's Port, full of nightclubs and restaurants where you can enjoy excellent fish dishes wrapped in an extremely romantic atmosphere.

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