What to do in Sliema City, a dream holiday in Malta

    Great beaches and delicious waterfront clubs, unmissable shopping and sumptuous hotels on the island of Malta.

    What to do in Sliema City, a dream holiday in Malta

    welcome to Sliema, a small city in Malta with great attractive power. Home to the island's nobles since the 19th century, this city extends between the town of San Giuliano and the capital Valletta. You will not easily forget the wonderful opportunities for relaxation and celebration that it will give you. Walk along the panoramic seafront called “Tower Road” to savor the saline smell of the sea and the sand below.

    “This watchtower was erected in the year 1658 by grandmaster Fr. Martin De Redin”: this is the inscription you find on the tower of San Giuliano, an ancient place of defense where the troops of the Ottoman Empire camped. Observed from the sea, it gives a great sensation of grandeur, due to the wide base on which it rests and the austere color of its surface.

    Less than a kilometer away from the tower, always remaining along the seafront, you reach the wonderful church of Nostra Signora del Carmelo. The church is located along the small gulf where Sliema and San Giuliano are reflected. From the white and high façade above which two tall spiers branch out, the church insinuates itself into one of the most crowded holiday resorts. In fact, right here is the Oak Bay, a beach very popular with tourists.

    To enjoy the crystalline color of the sea, go to the curious beach of Fond Ghadir. It will be relaxing and fun to immerse yourself in the small stretches of water surrounded by large rocks, almost forming a close series of natural pools. Prepare your mask, sense of adventure and the rest you need for snorkeling, to explore the shallow waters of this Sliema bay.

    Why not have - "tomar" - a good cocktail in the bars on the beach, or bet on a pizza at the Exilles Beach Club, or even try the dishes of the MedAsia Playa for those who like eastern cuisine. If you are with your children, take them to the two parks equipped to keep them entertained. We point out the garden south of Fond Ghadir, but especially the one near the San Giuliano tower, where fun attractions on the green lawn will entertain your little ones. Consider that both are located on the splendid seafront, from which you have a splendid view of Valletta.

    What to do in Sliema City, a dream holiday in Malta

    But there are other curious details to discover. In fact, at Tower Road 71 you will admire one of the city's street art works: a fresco depicting a man with bright red trousers intent on entering a dark tunnel, almost as if he wanted to hastily take refuge in the building. This, like other street art works in Malta, are the result of a festival which for some years featured numerous street artists. Among the results is that of having embellished the island with colorful frescoes.

    Sliema is not just sea and cocktails, it is also shopping in style. The signatures you will find at The Point, one of the largest shopping centers of the island of Malta, you will not find them anywhere else. Its three floors surmounted by an outdoor terrace make it the most complete place to not miss out on wonderful items of clothing, both luxury ones to proudly show off in your evenings between lounge bars and strolls along the seafront and more accessible brands to enrich your wardrobe .

    You can reach it with the island's bus line, although in summer you will probably struggle to find a seat due to the high number of tourists. In this regard, to make your visit more exciting, rent a car or a moped and you will be able to move easily between the alleys and the beautiful Catholic churches - the parish of Jesus of Nazareth, the church of Stella Maris, the church of San Patrizio... - so as not to miss even a second of your stay.

    What to do in Sliema City, a dream holiday in Malta

    How can you not look for delicious places to make your evenings unique? Then walk along the south coast of Sliema and choose one of the many clubs you find. Since we are numerous you will be able to measure your tastes every evening local different, starting however from the recommended Black Gold. If, however, you fell in love with the small natural pools of Fond Ghadir, reach it and try The Surfside with sea view: spending the evening here will add a bit of romance to your holiday.

    If you have the chance, treat yourself to a peaceful sleep and days full of activities in the beautiful surroundings hotels of Sliema. If you don't want to spare any expense, one of the most luxurious is certainly The Palace Hotel Malta: outdoor swimming pool, rooms equipped with every kind of comfort and a fully equipped gym will be your joy. Nearby you can try Palazzo Capua, located in a white palace built about two hundred years ago. This hotel will not make you miss anything either. Slightly cheaper and with balconies overlooking the sea is the fabulous Waterfront, on the south coast.

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