Where to Stay in Skiathos

Skiathos is the most famous island of the Sporades archipelago, despite being small it offers over 60 beaches and an enchanting sea.

An island that satisfies all tastes, perfect for a family holiday with children, for a pleasant stay as a couple, but also for the youngest looking for fun.

However, the important thing is to choose the right area to stay in Skiathos, to enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

In this article we will therefore see how the island is made, which are the best locations, where the most beautiful beaches are and I will give you all the information to choose the area that best suits your needs.Where to Stay in Skiathos

Where to sleep in Skiathos

Where to Stay in Skiathos

First of all it must be said that Skiathos is an island where you can travel easily, as there is only one main road. You can move easily by car, scooter or public transport.

Keep in mind that buses cover all the southern beaches, from Skiatos Town to Koukounaries there are 26 stops (numbered 0 to 26), practically one for each beach.

To visit the beaches of the north-west (Mandraki beach, Elia Beach, Agistros, Aselinos beach), which are among the most beautiful, wild and unspoiled, you must have your own means of transport.

The only real city is Skiathos Town, the liveliest area of ​​the island, with a wide choice of taverns, restaurants and bars. For this, the city is the best solution to stay in Skiathos if you want to get around the island during the day and in the evening you prefer to walk.

A valid alternative for those who want to stay directly on the sea is Megali Ammos, the closest beach to Skiathos Town. From here you can reach the center with a walk of about 15 minutes.

Finally if you are looking above all for peace and tranquility, there are many structures located south of the capital, close to the unmissable beaches. Obviously if you are looking for a bit of life in the evening you will be forced to move with a rental vehicle.

But let's see in detail all the possible solutions where to sleep in Skiathos.

1. Skiathos Town: The liveliest area of ​​the island

Where to Stay in Skiathos

As I told you, the only real town on the island is Skiathos Town, this is where we find restaurants, bars, taverns and shops and this is where you must stay if you are looking for a place to spend your evenings. 

Nightlife takes place right in Skiathos Town, in the evening you don't need a car and you can walk to the center. The nightlife is concentrated in the city center in Papadiamanti street and in the old port, where you can dance until the morning.

If you prefer a quieter area, it is better to find accommodation slightly away from these areas, there are in fact many areas of the city where you can sleep at night without problems.

The convenience of sleeping in Skiathos Town lies in the fact that it is well connected to the southern beaches by an excellent bus service, perfect for those who do not want to rent a vehicle. In addition, boat excursions and ferries depart from the port to nearby islands, such as the unmissable Skopelos.

2. Megali Ammos: on the sea a few steps from the center of Skiathos

If you prefer to stay close to the beach but at the same time want to stay within walking distance of the busiest area, Megali Ammos is the best choice to stay in Skiathos.

Most of the facilities are located directly on the sea and the center of Skiathos Town can be reached on foot with a short walk.

Even if it's not among the best beaches in Skiathos, Megali Ammos is still a beautiful beach, perfect on days when you don't want to travel.

It can also be a very good solution for a holiday with small children, especially if you prefer a less itinerant stay. There are a number of beachside tavernas and all the necessary services within walking distance.

There is also a bus stop, convenient for going into town or visiting the other beaches on the island.

In short, staying in Megali Ammos has the advantage of being on the sea, close to the city, but in a very quiet and peaceful area.

3. Agia Paraskevi: Quiet and Relaxing Area

Strategically located halfway between Koukonaries and Skiathos Town, Agia Paraskevi is a long sandy beach, one of the most beautiful and famous on the island. There are a few bars, restaurants and tavernas but it is a very quiet place.

The bus stop is number 16, from here in about 20 minutes you can reach the town of Skiathos. There is a decent choice of hotels and resorts, some directly on the sea with a private beach or surrounded by greenery overlooking the bay.

For those who do not want to stay directly in the city, but looking for a relaxing place with beautiful sea and close to the best beaches, Agia Paraskevi is the recommended choice. Also ideal for families with children thanks to the calm waters and the presence of beautiful swans, the real attraction of the beach.

4. Troulos: Family Vacation, Strategic Location

A few steps from Agia Paraskevi we find this small village with its beautiful beach, Troulos Beach. The location is strategic for visiting the island and has three bus stops.

Troulos is another great solution for a family holiday with children, the area is full of greenery, the beaches are sheltered and there are all the necessary services: equipped beaches, minimarkets, restaurants etc.

Troulos beach is certainly one of the most popular on the island, white sand and crystal clear sea, a true oasis of peace.

There is a good choice of accommodation facilities, most of them located in very quiet areas not far from the beach, but still reachable with a short walk. In any case, before choosing the best accommodation, evaluate its location.

5. Koukounaries: The Most Beautiful Beaches

Where to Stay in Skiathos

If you want to stay directly on one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Greece, then the ideal choice in Skiathos is Koukounaries. This is the most famous beach on the island, located 12 km south of the capital. Not far away are the best beaches all within walking distance.

The area is perfect for a quiet and relaxing holiday surrounded by nature, the pine forest behind the coast is splendid. Particularly recommended for a couple or family stay.

For the evening there is definitely not the nightlife of Skiathos town but there are some restaurants and taverns. In any case there is the bus stop number 26 and in about 30 minutes you can reach the capital.

In short, if you prefer a purely seaside stay and are not interested in nightlife, you must stay in Koukounaries.

Where to Stay in Skiathos

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