Columbus Travel Insurance

We have already talked about travel insurance and how important it can be in case of unforeseen events. After having seen what types of policies exist, today we analyze in detail one of the best online travel insurance, for value for money: Columbus Insurance.

We will see specifically who Columbus is, what offers it offers, how it works, what advantages it offers and how reliable it is.

Columbus Insurance

Columbus is a company specializing in travel insurance, present in more than fifty countries and operating in the market since 2010. Thanks to the sale exclusively online or by telephone, it is able to guarantee extremely advantageous rates.

Columbus Travel Insurance

How Columbus Insurance Works

Columbus offers two main types of policies: Single Trip or Annual Multi-Trip.

The difference between the two types of coverage obviously depends on the needs of the traveler and how much they are used to traveling during the year.

Indeed coverage "Single Trip" it is valid only for the dates indicated at the time of the quote, while the coverage "Annual Multi-Trip" covers the insured for a duration of 365 days, and is the most suitable solution for those who travel a lot. The latter however, it is valid only if each trip does not exceed 31 days.

The Single Trip policy provides three different packages, which differ in terms of ceiling, deductible and type of coverage:

  • Assistance base: it is the policy for those interested only in insurance coverage for expenses and medical assistance;
  • Bagalio assistance: also includes protection for lost and damaged baggage;
  • Baggage Assistance and Cancellation: is the most comprehensive policy and also offers cover for holiday cancellation.

Columbus Travel Insurance

Once you have chosen the package you prefer, you can add other options, such as protection for smartphones or tablets, or the option "Zero Deductible". I absolutely recommend the latter, because if you use the policy you will not be forced to pay the cost of the deductible.

Columbus has the advantage of being very versatile and also offers specific policies designed for every need. An example is winter sports insurance which protects you for accidents during your skiing activity or other winter sports.

The policies can be taken out for a single person, for a couple, for a family or for a group of people. The price changes according to the destination and the age of the travelers, children up to 2 years do not pay.

What to do in case of medical emergency

For any medical emergencies it is necessary to contact the medical center, active 24 hours a day, as soon as possible and before taking personal initiative, at the number indicated in the insurance certificate.

The Advantages Of Columbus

  • Unlimited medical expenses
  • Versatile insurance with different options
  • Operations center 24h - seven days a week
  • Telephone interpreter
  • Luggage coverage up to € 2.000
  • Reimbursement Trip cancellation or early return up to € 2.000
  • Legal expenses and assistance
  • Zero deductible option
  • Last minute policies that can be purchased up to one hour before departure
  • Children (0-2) free
  • Direct payment for hospitalization

Is Columbus Insurance Reliable? Opinions and Advice

Prices offered Columbus is absolutely the best on the market, but will it also be reliable? To answer this question, I did a thousand searches, which are what led me to choose Columbus for my travels. What I understood is that, for sure, the company is serious and reliable and offers good assistance, with service active 24 hours a day all year round.

The important thing, however, is to carefully read all the clauses and conditions of the policy available on the site and make sure they are in line with your needs. The travel insurance is a contract and certain conditions must be respected to receive reimbursement.

Before taking out the policy, also check that your destination is covered by Columbus insurance, as it is not available for some countries.

Some travelers have complained that Columbus requires a 15-page form to be submitted to complete the refund request and feel the process is too bureaucratic. On the other hand, in the insurance sector, requests for reimbursement must be justified by sending all the documents.

If you need information, I always recommend that you contact assistance, even via email, in order to always receive a written response.

I also suggest you read the section FAQ you find on the site, so as to clarify any doubts and understand better the clauses to be respected for refunds or travel cancellations.


Taking out insurance is certainly the least interesting part of the trip, but in some cases it can really save your vacation. Columbus is an insurance offering truly competent and with different packages, adaptable to every need.

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