How to Become a Blogger and Make Money: 10 Tips

Today I want to explain how become a blogger by profession.

I started this blog in 2013, I started completely from scratch, I didn't have great skills at the beginning, but with commitment and dedication I learned all the strategies to grow and achieve success.

Now I'm a Digital Nomad, I live around the world and I use digital technologies to work where I want.

Starting a blog is within everyone's reach, but the difficult part is be a professional blogger and make blogging a real job.

In this guide I decided to share my experience as a blogger with you, here are 10 tips to work thanks to the blog.

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10 Tips to Become a Famous Blogger

1. Creating a Blog is like starting a Business

How to Become a Blogger and Make Money: 10 Tips

One important thing you need to know is that Creating a blog is a vital step in starting a profitable online business.

To become a successful blogger but it takes time, it doesn't happen overnight. You can create a blog even in a few hours, but to start a successful business and start earning it takes patience and dedication.

In the beginning you need a lot of will and organization, it is very important to set long-term goals.

Create an editorial plan and try to respect it, do not procrastinate and dedicate even just one hour of time every day to your projects. The important thing is to take a small step forward every day, towards success.

2. Stand out: there is room for everyone

How to Become a Blogger and Make Money: 10 Tips

If you are thinking that the blogging industry is now saturated, sorry but you are wrong.

It is true there are already many bloggers and the competition is fierce, but I assure you that if you have an innovative idea there is room for you too.

Think for example of restaurants, especially in big cities, there are many, but chefs and entrepreneurs continue to open new places.

This is because they have innovative ideas and because they think they can do better than others.

If you want to become a professional blogger, this is the mindset you must have, don't worry if there are too many blogs.

The important thing is to do something different from the others, the reader must choose you why offer better resources and in a unique way. Don't just give simple information, insert images, graphics, maps or videos.

3. Don't Give Up!

How to Become a Blogger and Make Money: 10 Tips

As I have already told you, it takes time to grow your blog.

It will take months before reaching a certain number of visitors and before receiving comments and interactions.

Precisely for this reason most bloggers give up after less than a year.

Unfortunately it is a typical thing, it happened to me too, I was almost giving up everything!

At the beginning it is absolutely not easy to stay focused and productive, create content on content but almost nobody reads it and the risk of demotivating you and abandoning everything is very high.

In this phase it is essential not to give up, if you work consistently you can be sure that visits will increase and as a result you will be offered various income opportunities.

Surrender is always the easiest way, but if you want to achieve your goals, you can't stop!

4. Choose the Right Type: Personal or Informative Blog

How to Become a Blogger and Make Money: 10 Tips

There are many types of bloggers: travel bloggers, fashion bloggers, food bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, sporty bloggers, etc. Obviously you will decide the right niche based on your skills and passions.

In addition to the blog theme it is also important to choose the most suitable style, in particular you will have to decide whether to create a personal or informative blog.

The personal blog is a kind of online diary where the personal experiences of the blogger and his ideas are shared. An informative or thematic blog is generally aimed at a very specific topic and offers advice, practical guides, reviews, etc.

The informative blog is great for those who want to make money with affiliations.

In any case, I recommend that you speak little about yourself, a professional blogger has the task of providing solutions to the reader's problems.

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5. Create the audience and promote the blog

How to Become a Blogger and Make Money: 10 Tips

To become a successful blogger, you need to build your own audience and increase daily visits to your site. There are several ways to do this:

SEO: increase visibility on search engines thanks to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques. Basically you have to create content optimized for Google and other search engines. This way when the user types in a certain keyword they will find your content among the top positions.

Sociale Notwork: social media is another source of traffic to drive people to your blog.

Guest Post: writing a blog post about someone who has more exposure than you is a way to make yourself known and to increase visitor traffic on the blog.

Paid traffic: to grow faster you could consider investing in advertising on the main advertising platforms such as Google or Facebook.

Sharing: if you create quality content, readers will be happy to share it, with the advantage of expanding your audience but also increasing your authority towards Google. Encourage users to share with a short sentence at the end of the article.

6. Help readers solve their problems

How to Become a Blogger and Make Money: 10 Tips

The most important thing to create an audience and to become authoritative is to give solutions to the readers.

People google for answers to their problems and need information.

The true successful blogger creates content based on the interests and needs of their niche.

Study your audience, ask questions on social networks, analyze comments on your posts and create polls. This way you can understand your audience's problems and give them solutions.

The key thing, however, is to provide answers that can really help users. Doing so will increase your authority as a blogger in your niche.

To win over the reader, it's also important to offer free value, create guides, eBooks, video tutorials, respond quickly to comments and emails, and encourage visitors to ask questions and interact.

By following these tips it will be easier to become a famous blogger.

7. Build a strong social presence

How to Become a Blogger and Make Money: 10 Tips

Today a true blogger cannot give up a constant presence on social media. Suffice it to say that some famous bloggers publish their content mainly on social networks.

In any case, social media is a perfect channel to interact with your audience.

Here are some tips to exploit the potential of social media:

  • Publish consistently;
  • Create quality content;
  • Better not to publish anything than to publish useless posts;
  • Interact with followers by replying to comments;
  • Use attention-grabbing images and videos;
  • Choose the right social network for you and your target;

Thanks to social networks you can increase the visibility of the blog, reach new users and increase earnings.

8. Read many books and take courses

How to Become a Blogger and Make Money: 10 Tips

A true successful blogger is one who has studied every aspect of blogging: marketing, creative writing, business management etc.

I will never stop repeating it, having a blog is like having a company and if you don't update yourself, if you don't dedicate time to training it will be impossible to be successful.

I therefore recommend reading books and taking online courses that can improve your skills. I generally spend at least one hour a day on training.

Some books that I highly recommend:

  • The Weapons of Persuasion - Robert Cialdini
  • 4 Hours a Week - Timothy Ferris
  • Highway to Wealth - MJ DeMarco
  • The Purple Cow - Seth Godin
  • The 22 immutable laws of marketing - Al Ries & Jack Trout

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9. Invest in the blog

How to Become a Blogger and Make Money: 10 Tips

A blogger has the great advantage of being able to start a business at almost no cost, in fact at the beginning it is not necessary to spend money.

But over time you will understand that if you want to improve your professional and financial results, it will be essential to make certain investments. Provided that the goal is to work seriously in the blogging sector.

As companies invest to grow, the professional blogger must do the same thing.

The main investments that will allow you to increase your income are 3:

Training: taking refresher courses will make you acquire skills that can generate greater earnings.

Software: in the era of the free economy it is easy to find many free products and software, but if you want to push the accelerator it will be time to buy premium products.

Collaborations: at the beginning you will have to do everything yourself, write the articles, think about the graphics, edit videos and promote the contents. The more you grow, the more difficult it will be to follow every aspect, it will therefore be essential to have collaborators. This way you can focus primarily on what you do best.

The professional blogger invests, the consumer spends!

10. Making and selling your products

How to Become a Blogger and Make Money: 10 Tips

As companies sell a product or service, the blogger can also make money by selling something.

Create your own product or offer affiliate products, be it a course, guide, book or gadget.

Selling a quality product will allow you to add value to your readers. Furthermore, once you have created a trusted audience and created free content, you will see that according to Cialdini's “principle of reciprocity” your readers will be happy to support your project and your commitment.

You just have to create the product and you will have a passive income without having to spend any more time.


I hope this article has helped you to understand that today being a blogger is a real job that can bring very high earnings, but you need skills and a lot of commitment.

If you have other doubts leave a comment or write me in private.

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