Limnos, visit this island in Greece

    Limnos, visit this island in Greece
    What to know to spend a magnificent stay on the Greek island of Limnos

    La little greek island of Limnos, in the Aegean Sea, is characterized by a mountainous territory and some fertile valleys. The main center is Myrina located on the west side of the island and where the port is located. Limnos has been inhabited since ancient times, in fact it is believed that the first settlements date back to the 6th century. It was a land conquered by Macedonians, Romans and Byzantines. Let's see in detail what to do and what to visit if you spend a travel here

    First of all, it is a land rich in history and diverse excavations. archaeological demonstrated. TO Polichni You can admire the remains of the old city walls. TO kaminia A stone stele was found and later transported to the Archaeological Museum of Athens. This island is mentioned by mythology in the adventures of argonauts as the first stop for seekers of the famous Golden Fleece. To get to this splendid Greek pearl it is necessary to get off at the airport. Thessaloniki and take a ferry from the port that, after an 8-hour trip, will take you to the island. In the second center of the island, Moudros, you can pay a visit to the Commonwealth Cemetery.

    Limnos offers a good variety of beaches where you can spend a few hours in the sun or swimming. Among the best we mention that of Agios Giannis, that of Avlonas, that of Evgatis, that of Phalacro and that of Fanaraki, but there are many others, even small and hidden, accessible only on foot. Some sand, others rock, some equipped and others wild, in short, for all tastes. lovers of excursions Naturalists can take splendid walks visiting both salt lakes inside the island where you can admire the Flemish pink who come here to feed and rest.

    In some diving centers you can rent equipment to diving o dive in these splendid settings. You can also take tours. wine and food of the island during which you can stop at the small tavern to taste local wines and specialties. Among other things to visit, we suggest an old-style stop. anfiteatro Greek a few kilometers from the center. In the city you can also find small ones. stores Where to buy typical products and souvenirs. It is also possible to take excursions. Barça around the island to appreciate it from another point of view.

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