Santorini, on vacation on the Greek island

    Santorini, on vacation on the Greek island
    The Cyclades island is famous for its white, red and black beaches, windmills and blue and white houses. But not only

    Santorini It is one of the most famous islands in the tracksuit and one of the most tourist. It is located in the archipelago of Cyclades, along with the other very famous island: Mykonos

    Very popular in summer (but not only), it is known for its variety. beautiful beaches his black, due to volcanic eruptions, Red, by the color of the island's soil, or white where there is sand The island is of volcanic origin and is shaped like a horseshoe: the interior side is steep and exceeds 400 meters high, the other side slopes gently towards the east towards the sea, giving rise to numerous beaches.

    Among the most beautiful and popular is the beach of Kamari, about 4,5 kilometers long and dark in color because it is made up of brown pebbles, is surrounded by bars, restaurants, shops and markets. There Red Beach It is located in a vast inlet in the south of the island formed by erosion and landslides from the mountain above. This is why it is dark red in some sections and bright red in others, which contrast with the crystalline blue of the water, offering an extraordinary spectacle.

    The monoliths, east of Santorini, is lighter in color than the others. Its natural beauty is enhanced by the difficulty of reaching it. In fact, to access it you have to climb a hill and walk along an impermeable path. Then there is the beach in the town of Perissa, one of the main towns on the island. And finally the beautiful beaches of Perivolos e Pigadia Table.

    But Santorini is not only beautiful for this. His parks The white houses with blue windows (sometimes other colors too) located at the top of the island are among the most emblematic in Greece. Firostefani, imerovigli Oia, which are located near the Caldera (a must see) are among the most beautiful. Fira, Perissa, attentive Pyrgos They are the most historical. TO Akrotiri You can admire the archaeological excavations.

    Its people are also an unmistakable symbol of the island. windmills which are located in Oia, from where you can admire beautiful sunsets over the Aegean Sea. Finally, Santorini is famous forFood and wine, with many simple trattorias or new gourmet establishments, and for the wine that is produced here. If you are passionate, it is worth taking a tour of the island's wineries.

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