Semmering Bahn, the Austrian panoramic train

    Semmering Bahn, the Austrian panoramic train
    Costs, schedules and routes of the Semmering Banh, the Austrian panoramic railway

    Also called the Semmering Railway, the Semmering Train is a railway line that starts from the Austrian city of Glödnitz and ends in MĂŒrzzuschlag, through the Semmering Pass, with a length of 41 km Through mountains, lakes and forests, typical Austrian panorama. Its construction ended in 1854 and it is believed to be the first railway in mountain European. Thanks to this railway line, the Semmering area has developed touristically, with the construction of shelters, hotels and restaurants.

    Il train leaves every morning at 06.09 in the period from May to October, while for winter schedules you must be constantly updated through the railway's official website. The train in question is a lot. comfortableIn fact, there are showers, in addition to the usual toilets, children's entertainment areas, power outlets, shopping cart sandwich and is fully equipped to accommodate disabled people. Interreil passes are also valid on this route and tickets cost 46 euros round trip. The information center is open every day from 09.00:15.00 a.m. to XNUMX:XNUMX p.m. for any questions. They are served on board the train. meals light with drinks included; the staff is very friendly and competent.

    Tourists define the route that this train follows a lot charming, with a wide variety of landscapes to photograph from the vintage window. The journey winds through many viaducts, tunnels and arched bridges admiring a panorama Truly wonderful. Ideal for those who are spending a holiday in Austria and looking for a train excursion of this type. There reserve It is mandatory but it is not necessary to do it well in advance, but at least a week before leaving. Groups and children under 12 years of age are entitled to a discount, as are school groups. HE Appetizers They can be easily booked on the railway website by paying by credit card or at the station.

    At the station MĂŒrzzuschlag there is a little museum where you can admire the different stages of the construction of this old railway, with photographs of the different locomotives that followed one another over more than 150 years, as well as historical geographic maps and model trains. During the three-hour stop at this small Austrian station, you can do several things around the city, such as stopping for a drink beer Handicraft production on site and visit of the city walking through the streets of the center.

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