Summer tour between Austrian cities: 4 unmissable stops

    Why go to Graz, Linz, Salzburg and Klagenfurt
    Summer tour between Austrian cities: 4 unmissable stops
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    Are you curious people, lovers of culture, history, architecture? Do you love traveling off the beaten path? For summer 2018, the perfect vacation could be Austria and not just for the charm of the famous alpine landscape dotted with lakes. You may have already been or know everything about Vienna, but perhaps you have never considered a tour that also includes other Austrian cities. We have chosen four on which it is absolutely necessary to stop. Here's why and what to visit.


    Because you love beauty and good food.

    A walk through the central streets of the capital of Styria will be a pleasure for the eyes and the palate: the baroque and medieval soul of the historic center, a World Heritage Site, coexists with the contemporary and avant-garde attitude that has allowed Graz to be named " City of Design" by UNESCO, an exclusive "circle" that includes cities such as Berlin and Shanghai.

    The search for beauty, imagination and the impulse towards everything that helps us live well are also reflected in food: in Austria's Capital of Flavors, treat yourself to more than one break in restaurants and cafes and literally enjoy your visit. Finally, if you like cycling, you can count on well-articulated bike lanes.

    Summer tour between Austrian cities: 4 unmissable stops
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    What to visit in Graz?

    There are so many beauties that the city offers, including the unmissable baroque castle of Eggenberg, the Landeszeughaus, the largest collection of historical weapons in the world preserved in an original armory from 1880, the beautiful Palais Herberstein and Palais Saurau, the Hauptplatz, the square main of the city. At night don't miss the Opera shows, while during the day climb the Schlossberg hill and admire the city from above in all its splendor.

    Summer tour between Austrian cities: 4 unmissable stops
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    For a cake, of course! And because the future is already here.

    The capital of Upper Austria captivates with its dynamism, an irresistible vitality that has its roots in its industrial past as a steel center and directs its best energies towards surprising and multifaceted artistic production. Before starting your tour of the best museums in the city, make a stop on the bank of the Danube and delight yourself with a piece of Linzer Torte, a masterpiece of Austrian pastry made with almonds and hazelnuts.

    Summer tour between Austrian cities: 4 unmissable stops
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    What to visit in Linz?

    Absolutely not to be missed is the Ars Electronica Center, a museum at the crossroads of technology, art and science, where you can immerse yourself directly in the future; The Höhenrausch, an incredible exhibition that climbs the roofs between wooden walkways and futuristic steel structures; the very modern Musical Theater; the fascinating steel museum to discover the industrial soul of the city; the contemporary art museum Lentos Kunstmuseum and for lovers of more underground culture the Mural Harbour, the graffiti exhibition in the port.

    Summer tour between Austrian cities: 4 unmissable stops
    ©Linztourismus/Robert Josipovic


    Because Mozart still lives here.

    His music resonates all year round, in the city where he was born, not only in the halls of the prestigious theaters, but in all the streets and squares, like a wave that caresses the downtown buildings. During the famous Salzburg Festival, with more than 200 performances, between July 20 and August 30, this wave becomes even more enveloping and it is impossible not to get carried away.

    Summer tour between Austrian cities: 4 unmissable stops
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    What to visit in Salzburg?

    Known as the Rome of the North or the city of churches, Salzburg boasts a baroque center dotted with religious places that deserve to be discovered, among which the Cathedral, where Mozart was baptized, stands out. Don't miss the Nonnberg Convent and the Franciscan Church. The city shines from an artistic and historical point of view, thanks in particular to the DomQuartier, a baroque masterpiece. Also not to be missed are the Hohensalzburg Fortress, Mozart's House, Getreidegasse, Hellbrunn Castle and Mirabell Castle. And on days of unfavorable weather it is possible to spend time visiting one of the many museums in the city such as the Museum of Natural Sciences, the Museum of Modern Art and the Salzburg Museum.

    Summer tour between Austrian cities: 4 unmissable stops
    ©Tourism Salzburgo, photo: Breitegger GĂŒnter


    For its uniqueness on the border between three worlds.  

    In the capital of Carinthia, the historical and cultural richness is the result of the influences of three different cultures: Carinthian, Italian and Slovenian. The city overlooking Lake Wörthersee is located on that strip of land where Austria, Friuli and Slovenia meet. Gastronomy is also affected by this successful mix, which reserves pleasant surprises for the most demanding palates. If food lovers can enjoy the offerings at the Benediktiner Markt in the city centre, sports lovers can try their hand at a high-endurance sport such as the triathlon along Lake Wörthersee.

    Summer tour between Austrian cities: 4 unmissable stops
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    What to visit in Klagenfurt?

    In addition to the elegant historic center, destinations not to be missed are the Cathedral and the Hall of the Coat of Arms at the headquarters of the regional parliament, but it is worth taking the time to also explore the surroundings of the city, to discover the entire area near Lake Wörthersee, with a stop at the Maria Saal Cathedral. Many cultural events take place in the capital of Carinthia: from the German Literature Days with the awarding of the Ingeborg Bachmann Prize, to the World Bodypainting Festival, to the early music festival to the United World Games.

    Summer tour between Austrian cities: 4 unmissable stops
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    From Italy to Austria by train

    If traveling by train seems like a romantic perspective to you, but perhaps not very contemporary, if your destination is Austria you will have to rethink it: the direct train and bus connections from Venice to Klagenfurt are very comfortable and from there you can reach all the destinations you want. visit with ÖBB, the Austrian railways. What is more current than ecological transportation that allows you to avoid the stress of driving?

    Summer tour between Austrian cities: 4 unmissable stops
    ©ÖBB/Harald Eisenberger

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