The Cepsa Tower in Madrid, the second tallest skyscraper in Spain

The Torre Cepsa (until 2013 Torre Bankia Madrid) is a skyscraper located in the Cuatro Torres commercial area (four towers) in Madrid.

With a height of 248 meters and 49 floors, it is the second tallest of the four buildings in the complex, surpassed by one meter from the Torre de Cristal. And also the second the tallest building in Spain and the 5th tallest building in the whole of the European Union.

The visit of this commercial and financial district of Madrid, which represents the newest and most futuristic part of the Spanish capital, is very suggestive.

The building, also called Torre Foster from the architect who designed it, Norman Foster, has changed various names over the years, based on the change of successive owners. Until 2007 it was called Repsol tower, from 2008 to 2013 she was called Madrid Tower Box and from 2013 to 2014 took the name of Bankia Tower.

The 248-meter skyscraper has a total of 49 floors. The entrance hall has a height of almost 14 meters, the equivalent of four floors. The structure of the building, which weighs 11 thousand tons, is made of steel.

The building mainly houses offices and its facade is all in glass, with stainless steel plates in the concrete supporting cores. The plant has a rectangular shape.

An architectural icon in the city of Madrid, Torre Cepsa is an almost mandatory visit for any tourist as it is located on the iconic Paseo de la Castellana and together with the other skyscrapers in the area, they make the city's skyline worth seeing and photographing.

How to visit the Cepsa Tower

The “Cuatro Torres Business Area” of La Castellana is a business park made up of four large skyscrapers that have adorned the Madrid skyline since 2009 and are currently the tallest buildings in the capital and all of Spain.

But the big question is… can you go up to see the views from the four towers of Madrid? The buildings are the headquarters of several multinationals and unless you know a friend who works there, the only option is to stay in a room overlooking the Eurostars Madrid Tower or have dinner at his restaurant.

How to reach us 

  • the metropolitan M1 or M10.
  • bus lines 124, 134, 147, 152 or 178.
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