What is worth buying in Vienna?

    What is worth buying in Vienna?
    What is worth buying in Vienna? In addition to souvenirs, in the city of music you can buy porcelain, silver and candy.

    What is worth buying in Vienna? During a trip to the city of music par excellence you can encounter numerous temptations, to the point that it is difficult to decide what to focus on. Obviously, I souvenir They are always essential and in the capital of Austria there is something for all tastes. In addition to the classic postcards, magnets and keychains, there are the "Sissi Stars". They can be found at Köchert jewelry and you can choose between brooches, closures and pendants. In Vienna there is also no shortage of "Mozart Balls", delicious marzipan and gianduia cream desserts, handcrafted by the FĂŒrst pastry shop.

    However, if you want to save on souvenirs, you can shop at markets. There are so many in Vienna that you will be spoiled for choice. On Saturdays there is the Naschmarkt, where you can find both antiques and particular and fun objects. At the Zeitreise-Antikmarkt antiques market you will find books, prints, postcards, vinyl and much more. The best known, however, are the Christmas Markets. The most beautiful is located in Piazza del Municipio and enjoys a magical atmosphere. Among its stalls you can find absolutely everything, from sweets such as gingerbread cookies, to tree decorations, to the most common souvenirs.

    Another thing worth buying in Vienna are the Craft objects. Lobmeyr produces beautiful handcrafted glassware. The Wiener Silber Manufactur company produces beautiful and modern silver objects for the home. You can choose cutlery, teapots, pots and much more. Then there is the inimitable old Augarten porcelain. You can purchase coffee services, jugs, ornamental plates, vases and figurines with figures of all kinds. Everything is rigorously produced and painted by hand.

    If you think about what is still worth buying in Vienna, the food. Desserts include the famous Sachertorte, made with dark chocolate and apricot jam, Apfelstrudel, Krapfen and Kaiserschmarrn. These desserts can be accompanied with excellent fruit liqueurs, such as Slibowitz plum or Barack and Marillendbrand apricot. When you return from your trip to Vienna, nothing better than a snack with the delicacies you brought home, accompanied by a classical music CD. The largest selection can be found on Rave Up and Substance Records.

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