What to see in Valencia? 10 places not to be missed!

Valencia: travel notes

It is a very important city from a cultural point of view. Presents one of the most beautiful traditional Spanish festivals (discover my article -> "party of Las Fallas"). Inside the cathedral you will find something very special: the Holy Grail.

Thanks to the numerous direct low cost flights, you can also visit Valencia only in a three day weekend. An intense Friday, Saturday and Sunday that make you go home with a heart full of new experiences. Even two days are enough, but you risk not fully enjoying the city.

It ranges from the cultural aspects related to its history, up to the culinary aspect with the famous Valencian paella. And not only that, Valencia is also very centered on more current aspects linked to a vision of tourism and life in general linked to eco-sustainability. I am strong example of this Turia Gardens and the Bioparc.

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You want to know where stay? Go to the section "Where to sleep in Valencia"

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10 things to see in Valencia

First of all, I would recommend that you visit Valencia with a local guide. In this regard, I have the ideal solution for you. I had the pleasure of seeing the city with Pigeon.

As I have already mentioned in other posts, the fact of seeing a certain place with someone who makes you understand it by responding to every curiosity, is very important and affects the final perception. Walk the streets of the city together with Pigeon it was even more beautiful because in his eyes you see the pride he feels for the place where he lives. He is always smiling and makes you fully appreciate his city in no time. If I remember Valencia with pleasure it is also thanks to him. Who -> Guided tours of Valencia with Paloma find her website and how to contact her.

We come to the cultural aspects, I will list what are the places to visit in Valencia which in a possible three day weekend you can't miss.

1 - Visit the Cathedral and see the Holy Grail

It is definitely one of the first things to do in the city.

The interior of the cathedral consists of 3 naves and is mainly in the Gothic style. Over the centuries it has been modified 3 times, even the bell tower has been moved.

Inside the Valencia Cathedral the light is not strong, most of the stained glass windows have alabaster which favors the dim light.

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In the Cathedral of Valencia you will see what it is referred to as the Holy Grail, cup from which Jesus Christ is believed to have drunk at the Last Supper.

As you enter, on the right you will find the Chapel of the Holy Grail, it is a somewhat bare chapel but in the wall in front of you as soon as you enter you will find the Holy Chalice.

Another peculiarity is that, inside the cathedral, it is present a statue of the Virgin, is closely linked to a Valencian tradition. Pregnant women go to this statue and tradition says that they have to make 9 rounds of the cathedral and then stop to pray.

2 - Admire the Tribunal de las Aguas

The tribunal de las Aguas is the oldest recognized court whose hearings are held every Thursday morning at 12.00 in front of the main entrance of the Cathedral of Valencia. It is made up of 8 members who resolve the various disputes relating to the use of water to irrigate the fields. Do you think that the decisions of this court are recognized by the Spanish state itself. If you can do the three days including Thursday, you will be able to see this particular event.

3 - Visit La Lonja de la Seda

During your visit to Valencia, this little gem will surely be among the thousands of places to visit. It is the symbol of the most prosperous period in Valencia; it was the main point for cultural and commercial activities.

The most important and impactful room is the Sala de ContrataciĂČn, or the trading room. Inside the Lonja you can admire a peculiarity from the construction point of view that draws the attention of several architects. At the time they created a spiral staircase without any central pivot, yet this is perfect.

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4 - Visit the Central Market of Valencia

It is a covered market similar to the Boqueria found in Barcelona. Be sure to take a tour of this covered market where the scents inebriate you and make you crave all the jamons you see. Taking a break in this place is essential.

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5 - Discover the Museum of Ceramics

It is the building next to theSH Ingles hotel where I was staying. My room overlooked the Madonna of this structure. Every time I passed in front of the window I was amazed at how beautiful it was. Home of a noble family, it later became the heritage of the Spanish ministry of culture which turned it into a museum of ceramics.

6 - Visit Valencia and discover it thanks to its Street Art

The best way to visit Valencia, one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, is walk in all its alleys. Only in this way will you be able to see an art form that is becoming more and more important: street art.

Must try -> a FREE tour to discover Valencian street art

During your Valencian itinerary, glimpses of the city will often open in front of you and you will come across facades of buildings completely covered with paintings, drawings, in conclusion open-air works of art. This is street art, arm yourself with a camera and photograph them all, there are so many.

If the first day was dedicated to the center, the second day you must necessarily enjoy nature and the sea.

7 - Relax in the Turia Gardens

After the first day spent seeing all the cultural aspects, you have to continue admiring other aspects of Valencia.

I told you about the Bioparc and the Turia Gardens in this article: Bioparc and the Turia Gardens by bike

Following the flooding of the river in 1957, the main course of the river was diverted and the bed of the old river course it has been entirely redeveloped as a park.

Are you interested in a bike tour along the Turia -> find out at this link (with free cancellation)

In Valencia there are 11 km of park that cross the whole city and are used to disconnect from everyday stress thanks to 11 km of nature and sports activities.

8 - Visit the Bioparc

At the end of the Turia Gardens, at the north west end of the city, the BioParc, an innovative park concept that overturns the traditional concept of the zoo. It is very special and absolutely worth seeing. For more information read the post that I linked to you, you will also find numerous photos. It is a great solution if you are with your children, but it is also great for adults.

9 - Oceanografic and Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias

It represents a bit of the must do it! It is not possible to see Valencia without passing through this area. It is exceptional, as exceptional is the fame that has been created. Not far from the city there is the beautiful City of Arts and Sciences which bears the signature of Calatrava.

How many times have you seen these spectacular buildings in some photos?

I guess a lot, they are too famous. The ciudad is the maximum expression of Santiago Calatrava.

In this article I have described to you which cultural sides you can find in Valencia and visit in a three day weekend. In this other post find 8 experiences to better enjoy Valencia.

You want to see the Oceanografic -> Buy your ticket here 

10 - Eat a Valencian paella at Toni Montoliu's Baracca

Another must! Enjoy the real Valencian paella alla Barraca by Toni Montoliu, here you can eat a delicious paella in the middle of the Valencian countryside.

If you need more information you can find as many as you want on the website of Tourism site of Valencia.

What to see in three days? Let's assume an itinerary for a weekend in Valencia.

  • 1 day: Valencia Cathedral - Holy Grail - Tribunal de las Aguas - Lonja de la Seda - Central Market - Museum of Ceramics - Street Art
  • 2 day: Turia Gardens - Bioparc - Oceanografic - City of Arts and Science
  • 3 day: Barraca by Toni Montoliu

More information for visiting Valencia

Where to sleep in Valencia?

This city, like all other Spanish cities, is very safe too. There are many people around until late at night. Since the best thing is to visit it on foot, I recommend that you sleep where I stayed, that is to say atHotel Boutique Sh InglĂ©s  practically next to the Museo Nacional dĂ© CerĂĄmica Y Artes. When you book indicate, if possible, to stay in the room from which you can see the beautiful Madonna of the Museum. The breakfast is great and the facility is very clean. Moreover, it is within walking distance of all the main monuments.

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