Where to stay in Milos

Today we go to the discovery of Milos, a small island with over 70 beaches, among the most beautiful in Greece, which is often chosen together with the most famous Santorini.

Although the island is not large and turns quite easily, it is important to get to know its main tourist centers better and to choose the one best area to stay.

In this guide we will go to the discovery of its most famous places and we will see which is the most convenient area to enjoy the island and its beautiful beaches. Obviously we will analyze the characteristics of each place so that you can choose the one that best suits you.

It is worth pointing out that tourism in Milos has grown a lot in recent years, and accommodation prices have increased year after year, especially in August. This is why I recommend booking as soon as possible so as not to miss the best offers!

Where to stay in Milos

Milos is made up of three main tourist centers: Adamas, Plaka and Pollonia.

Adamas is the town where the port is located, it is the most strategic point to stay, full of taverns and a few shops.

Plaka is the typical Cycladic village, with narrow streets, shops, taverns and some clubs, very nice and characteristic, but it is not located on the sea.

Pollonia, on the other hand, is an elegant place, the most suitable for families with children.

In any case, the distances are not prohibitive, so I advise you to choose above all according to your tastes and to go around during the day by renting a car or a scooter.

So let's see what the three most important centers offer and discover some lesser-known alternatives.


Adamas is the main center of the island, located in a privileged position and close to practically everything from the best beaches to the quaint village of Plaka.

Therefore convenient for those who decide to tour the island during the day, while in the evening they prefer to stroll among taverns, restaurants and clubs.

And if you don't want to move one day there are 2 city beaches (Papikinou e Lagada) where you can also go on foot, obviously they are not among the most beautiful on the island but for a day they can be fine.

Furthermore, if you decide to travel by public transport, the best choice remains Adamas, better connected with the rest of the island. Although it would be preferable to rent a vehicle to go around independently and visit the best beaches.

If we really want to find a fault, Adamas is not the typical Greek village, so you should go more towards Plaka, which is still very close.


If you are looking for the real characteristic Cycladic-style town, with alleys, pedestrian streets, taverns and shops, Plaka, the capital of the island, is the one for you: the typical Greek Chora with a unique panorama and unforgettable sunsets.

Plaka is located near the archaeological site where the Venus de Milo was found, the Roman theater and the catacombs.

The town is located on a hill and is not on the sea, but as I said the distances are not prohibitive and you can still move to the beaches, in particular you will be close to the north side and the beautiful Plathiena Beach. In the evening, however, you can enjoy the charming alleys of the center and wander between clubs and local craft shops.

Where to stay in Milos


Pollonia is a village located in the north of the island and therefore a little off-center from the beaches of the southern coast and other locations.

It is the ideal place for those who want a relaxing stay, it is in fact a quiet area with good restaurants and a beautiful beach bathed by transparent waters and particularly suitable for those traveling with small children.

Pollonia is the right choice even in the high season months, in fact it remains a place that is never crowded and far from the most chaotic areas. Also from the port of Pollonia ferries leave for Kimolos, a small island 25 minutes by ferry from Milos that you can visit with daily tours.

Keep in mind that the beaches of the northern part are particularly exposed to the Meltemi wind, and when it is very strong you will have to move towards the southern coast, which is about 15 km away.

Try it

Provatas is located on the southern coast of the island about 6 km from Adamas. It is a very quiet area, known for the beach of the same name, where you will find some facilities and a few taverns. In addition to this there is nothing, if you need supermarkets, banks or anything else you will have to go to Adamas, the nearest center.

Provatas Beach is a beautiful beach sheltered from the winds and with a clean sea. The perfect place for those who love tranquility and nature and want to stay away from the chaos.


Finally, for those looking for a more authentic atmosphere, but a stone's throw from the tourist center of Adamas, a good solution is the village of Triovasalos.


We have seen what are the different options for a stay in Milos. I emphasize again that it is a rather small island and by renting a vehicle you will not have difficulty in moving from one place to another. Evaluate the choice of the area where to stay overnight according to what you are looking for and also based on the offers you find.

Where to stay in Milos

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