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The experiences to try in Valencia

As I explained in the previous post, Valencia is a multipurpose city, we can find everything. it is definitely one of the places to visit in Spain by force. The day, the evening, Valencia never stops, there is always something to do but there is also always a need for some advice from someone who has already been there.

1 - Eat Toni Montoliu's paella alla Barraca

Of all the things to do this is the one that will surely make you peace with your craving for paella. Once you eat Toni's paella, you will forget about all the other paella dishes eaten in Italy. Among other things, if you contact him first and ask to take part in the small tour that makes those who visit him do, you will have the opportunity to discover the real paella recipe Valencian

I told you about this experience in the post "Barraca by Toni Montoliu: the true and original paella"

Warning: if you want to go home knowing how to cook an excellent Paella, why not try a -> Valencian Paella Workshop

2 - Follow the holidays for Las Fallas and Corpus

Let's say these are the two most particular momentsi of the year in order to visit Valencia. This is a very interesting city and during these holidays it becomes even more so. There party of Las Fallas starts at the end of February and ends on March 19th. Its most important phase, the one where the city becomes festive, is that between 15 and 19 March.

It is a big party where famous people are made fun of with masks / statues that look like great caricatures. The city comes alive and the March 19th it all ends with a large bonfire with which the masks are burned. It is a tradition that now has been going on for two hundred years. Also the feast of Corpus Christi it is a great time to visit the city. On the site of Visit Valencia find more information.

3 -A trip to Las Arenas beach

With the America's Cup, the port area of 鈥嬧媀alencia it regained strength and was completely redeveloped. Today in front of the beach of Las Arenas there are countless clubs and restaurants where you can have lunch or relax in front of the sea. The area is very beautiful and people also just come for a walk. Suffice it to say that on November 22 the restaurants were almost full and many people strolled along the shore.

Noteworthy is the Panorama restaurant. It is in an exceptional location, truly enviable, and it is very nice to have lunch in this restaurant with average prices. Certainly an impressive restaurant as you can see from the photos.

4 - Drink an Agua de Valencia at the Caf猫 de las Horas and Workshop

After a day spent visiting the city I recommend this place which is an institution for Valencia. In this place you will come back suddenly back in time and you will have to taste the best known digestive of Valencia or theAgua de Valencia, an alcoholic drink made from orange juice.

The laboratory is owned by the same owner as the Cafe de las Horas but it has a completely different target. Certainly very eclectic reflects Marc, its owner. It combines different styles and wants to offer itself as an alternative venue. Worth a visit. You have to taste the Casalla, an alcohol of which Marc is very proud, remembers the sambuca. I like to define it as a sambuca rum. It is a thing to do absolutely. Try it and then you will be able to tell me if I'm wrong.

5 - Visit the local food shop (Original CV)

Another thing not to be missed in Valencia is this shop I went into to stop for a walk around the city. Since I liked it very much I wanted to point it out to you and put it among the things to do so that you can take a tour. It has countless local and artisanal productions related to the typical culinary products of Valencia. Is called Original CV, it really has a lot of products.

6 - Be amazed by the beauty of the North Station

The Valencia train station is absolutely one of the most fascinating from visit in Valencia. If you were to arrive by train you would hardly notice it because, usually, when you get off the train you are used to being in pleasant environments without any artistic interest. When you arrive in Valencia instead linger in the lobby of the station. You will notice that it is all adorned with mosaics made in ceramic, it is absolutely exceptional.

7 - Have fun with the facility of the Valencia science museum

From the title you do not understand much and in fact it is also difficult to explain. The science museum has long since become one of the 8 experiences to do in Valencia. When you will be at science Museum you will notice that the structure is made up of huge arches. If you are in company, tell the person who is with you to go to the opposite end of the arch and obviously you to the other side.

I don't know what the physical reason is but, although at a distance of almost one hundred meters, you will be able to hear each other talking even in a low voice. The voice flows throughout the structure and reaches your partner. It was a nice discovery, surely if you are traveling with your children it will be a great way to entertain them.

You want to visit the city of arts and sciences in Valencia -> click here for tickets

8 - Visit the city of arts and sciences at sunset

In my opinion this place in the city is magical and therefore deserves one of my recommendations. It is the opposite of the city center. Given the vastness of the places you will feel like you are almost alone. The area is already very beautiful on its own but the nightfall gives it that romantic touch that makes it become magical. The light reflected on the water makes it truly special. In my opinion this is the best time to see it.

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