Do holidays help pregnancy? What trips to take and where to go to get pregnant

One of the best times to get pregnant, according to experts, is while on a trip or vacation. It is certainly established that relaxation helps pregnancybut during a vacation or travel there are other factors that affect fertility as well.

We are writing this article because we too, after a year and a half of trying, on our return from a splendid vacation on the Red Sea in Egypt, have received the happy news. Now let's see what happens during a holiday and what are the recommended types of travel.

What trips to take for a pregnancy

Having children is one of the biggest dreams of their life for many people. Holidays become the ideal context, one of the best times to become parents according to experts. The main reason it is the reduction of stress during the holiday, even if this does not happen in all trips.

So what are the trips to take to help get pregnant and get pregnant? Stressful journeys, adventure travels and all those journeys that require significant physical and intellectual effort are certainly not recommended.

Instead, they are definitely to be preferred relaxing holidays, perhaps in exotic places by the sea, with All Inclusive treatment in wonderful and large resorts and tourist villages. In this way, in addition to benefiting from greater relaxation and well-being, there will be a more intense couple life and you will have more intimate moments.

Where to go on vacation to get pregnant

What are the best places and destinations to help get pregnant and get pregnant? As we have previously said, the best places are exotic locations, where couple life and relaxation reach their maximum splendor.

The best destination is also the cheapest is definitely Egypt, and more precisely all the places on the Red Sea. Sharm el Sheikh, Hurghada and Marsa Alam are the right choice to spend pleasant holidays in the warmth in magnificent and large resorts that offer All Inclusive treatment.

More destinations not far from Spain they are the Canary Islands, and more precisely the islands of Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura. These islands are only easily reachable in a few hours of flight and allow you to spend pleasant and relaxing beach holidays all year round.

If you have a bigger budget you may prefer more distant destinations such as Mexico, Zanzibar, Cuba, Maldives, Cape Verde, Dominican Republic, Seychelles, Madagascar, Santo Domingo, Thailand, Hawaii, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, ... These destinations offer charming holiday villages and seaside resorts for wonderful romantic and very intimate holidays.

If you are short on time to dedicate to the holiday even a weekend visiting a city of art or a European capital can be a good choice. Remember, however, that the goal of the holiday should not be to see or do more things, but to rest, relax and keep away the various daily problems.

Other useful tips for getting pregnant

Doctors also advise not to overlook other factors that are equally influential in increasing the chances of getting pregnant.

Free your mind

The first piece of advice is not to obsessively seek pregnancy. In such a context, pessimistic and obsessive thoughts can negatively affect fertility. Try to live carefree, it will surely help you, and avoid people and situations that make you anxious, especially when it comes to pregnancy.

Physical Activity

Physical activity is another very important factor with regards to fertility. A good physical situation is considered by everyone one of the most influential factors among all. The goal is to fight obesity and weight gain, which are one of the causes of infertility and infertility. It is also advisable to combine physical activity with adequate rest. Good sleep is equally important.

It is always recommended to seek medical advice on the physical activities you can do based on your health status.


To reach a relaxing situation at any time of the year, even without holidays, it can be useful to practice yoga, meditation activities or any other relaxing activity. For physical well-being these activities are very useful and valid.


Food also plays its part, a good diet will certainly help. In the diet it is necessary to include a lot of fruits and vegetables, rich in antioxidants and vitamins, including the fundamental vitamin C, while excessively fatty foods or foods containing refined sugar should be avoided. In the diet, possibly also include oily fish and dried fruit, rich in vitamins D and E, and finally integrate folic acid, useful both before pregnancy and during.

It is recommended to listen to medical advice or a dietician for a proper personal diet.

Sexual intercourse

Finally, even if conception takes place thanks to them, they should not be set as a duty, but as a pleasure, as it should be. Cumbersome sexual relations, looking for the best days and times, certainly do not do you good. You need to have a normal sexual frequency, without obsessively looking for the right moment.


Do holidays help pregnancy? What trips to take and where to go to get pregnant
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