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Describing Formentera in a few words is practically impossible, but one thing is certain: wherever your gaze points you will have a postcard view!!

The sea that looks like a swimming pool, the breathtaking sunset, aperitifs on the beach, motorbike trips to the lighthouse, the air of peace that involves you, in short, it is truly the "Isla Magica"!

By now I speak as a veteran of Formentera because from the first year that I set foot on the island I just wanted to go back, and as the years go by, I get older, my interests change, I always find Formentera to be the ideal destination. Let's say in all honesty, it is not so much for the sea that we can also find in other places in Italy, but precisely the feeling of tranquility and isolation from everyday life that makes you another person.

What to do in Formentera?

Indeed, Formentera is a perfect destination for all ages. We can entertain until late at night in the numerous clubs of Es Pujols, you can spend time on the beach until sunset with a good Mojito, you can spend the evening in the company of your family by renting a cottage in rural areas away from the hustle and bustle of the noche loca. In short, there really is for all tastes.

But let's start from the beginning with some little advice: the ferry for example.

How to get to Formentera?

Don't panic thinking about how to reach Formentera from Ibiza airport. It is true, on the internet there are countless offers of all-inclusive transfer, comfortable, very fast, worry-free‚Ķ But even no. Arrived at Ibiza airport you can choose a comfortable one taxi which takes you directly to the port, or for those who want to spend less, the bus, with ‚ā¨ 3,50 in about twenty minutes you are at the port, and board the ferry directly.

Council: Do so! Once in Formentera, here too you can choose taxi or bus to get to your accommodation, the latter for 2 euros and broken. In short, to spend little, do not rely on online offers, with buses for just over 40 euros you have arrived at your destination and you are also good for the return! To get around the island, however, whether it is day or night, the scooter is the top.

The island is so small that by motorbike in half an hour you can easily travel from one end to the other. In any case, in all the centers you will find where to rent the vehicles, there are really many on every corner of the street. Here, too, my advice is not to book online, because it is sure that you will not go to save, indeed. Rather, I recommend that you spend an extra 10 minutes once you arrive asking for prices in the different rental shops and then choose the cheapest one.

Where to sleep in Formentera?

Personally, I have always preferred to have a base in Es Pujols, but because basically I still feel young inside and in the evening I like to go out for a walk without the thought of having to move by public transport. For those who prefer tranquility, this is not exactly the ideal location, the premises are open late and since the space is small and all concentrated, the noise is heard.

Here you can find both very nice hostals with swimming pools and apartments equipped with every comfort. Leaving the center of Es Pujols the palaces disappear and leave room for viviendas, villas in a rural context, spartan but typical of the island, decidedly more traditional and comfortable for families, but why not also for numerous companies of friends.

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The best beaches in Formentera

But let's get to the point: the sea of Formentera (I already have heart-shaped eyes).

We assume that the sea is beautiful everywhere, whether it is deeper, or with shallow water but everywhere it is crystal clear, clean, in short, beautiful white beach.

Also on this front there is something for all tastes. For those who want a beach with many people where they can make new acquaintances, then certainly it is better to go to Playa des Illetes. This is a portion of Formentera further north, part of a natural park (in fact, the entrance for motor vehicles is subject to a fee, it is a daily fee that varies according to the period). The sea is on both sides, on one side the water is usually shallower and quieter, while on the other it is more windy and moved.

Famous are the Pirate beaches o that of the Tanga, respectively to the left and right of Las Playas. Obviously, here the space on the beach is reduced due to the large influx of people, but it is definitely worth a visit, maybe trying to get there early to choose the best location.

For those in Formentera who prefer to relax in peace, always in Illetas, can go to Levante, which is located near the Tanga beach but which is usually less crowded and much quieter. I assure you that the sea is just as spectacular! Among the great beaches you can move to Cala Saona, or go down to the lower part of the island, to Mijorn where the sea ‚Äč‚Äčof ‚Äč‚ÄčEs Arenals. Even better, in Formentera you can look for the various coves of crystal clear water among which I definitely recommend visit Ses Platgetes, Cal√≤ des Morts.

But in short, for the sea just get on the scooter and turn to discover, any beach is beautiful and deserves a dip!

Well, now I have given you some tips on how to experience Formentera by day… I'll tell you next time chow to live in Formentera at night...what happens when the sun is about to set and comes ... la Noche !!!!!

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