The best apps to use on the go or on vacation

Also during travels and holidays, the smartphone is more and more useful. There are many applications that come to us to plan and make our travel experience easier and easier.

In this article we want to present the best travel and vacation apps of 2020. If they seem interesting or useful, you just have to download them.

Best travel apps 2020

SkyScanner is the best known and most useful search engine to find

Ryanair is the official app for Android and iPhone of the best known low cost airline in Europe. It is a very useful application when traveling. It allows you to not print your boarding pass and to check-in online.

Omnio is a useful application to find not only the plane, but also the bus or train, and to know which means is most convenient for a given route and for a given date.

TripAdvisor is the essential app for those who want to know all the reviews on hotels, restaurants and clubs of various kinds. It allows you to choose the best places to sleep and eat, and especially avoiding bad experiences.

Booking in addition to being the best known and most convenient site for booking hotels in various cities, it is also an excellent application to always carry with you on your mobile phone and to use even while traveling to make last-minute reservations.

Wifi map it is among the most useful apps for those who need to connect to the internet. It allows you to find out where the free wifi networks are in every city in the world.

Currency converter is a very useful app to convert currencies from all over the world quickly and easily.

Uber is the app that connects those who need a ride with private drivers. The service is offered in 380 cities around the world. Free download on iOS and Android.

Google Photos allows you to save online all the photos taken during the trip, without the danger of losing them or having the smartphone's memory full.

Google Goggles is a nice app that gives you all the information about historical buildings, monuments or squares just by taking a picture of them.

CityMaps2Go it helps when driving on unfamiliar roads in a foreign country and is indispensable on any car trip. It also works offline and allows you to save the necessary maps and then use them at any time.

Subway is the ideal app when you want to know the underground network, calculate the best route and avoid getting lost in big cities like London, New York and Paris.

Google Translate it helps to instantly translate signs, writings or vocal words. It also works offline.

Messenger, WhatsApp e Skype finally, they are those apps that are essential for calling or sending messages without the cost of roaming abroad. Just the internet line, even the wifi of hotels and other commercial activities, is enough to be able to contact everyone.

The best apps to use on the go or on vacation
Best apps to use on the go or vacation - Photo from Pixabay
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