Where to sleep in Marrakech, Guide to the best areas and riads

You have decided to let yourself be carried away by Moroccan culture and to immerse yourself in a city with an ancient flavor like Marrakech, to be fascinated by its millenary history and its powerful cultural breeze.

Marrakech is divided into two parts: the historic Medina and the modern European quarter.

Anyone visiting Marrakech must shop in the souks and explore the Medina, where you can buy practically anything Moroccan.

This guide tries to help you orient yourself in the various neighborhoods and I hope it will help you decide where to sleep in Marrakech based on your travel style and interests.

Below you will find the description of 5 areas of the red city able to satisfy your needs, both in terms of budget and attractions: Medina, Kennaria, Gueliz, Hivernage e Chrifia are ready to welcome you and welcome you in the fascinating Marrakech!

  • 1 - Medina, for those visiting Marrakech for the first time
    • The best hotels and riads in the Medina
  • 2 - Kennaria, where to sleep in Marrakech on a budget
    • The best hotels and riads in Kennaria
  • 3 - Gueliz, for nightlife lovers
    • The best hotels and riads in Gueliz
  • 4 - Hivernage, the best place to stay in Marrakech
    • The best hotels and riads in Hivernage
  • 5 - Chrifia, where to stay in Marrakech with children
    • The best hotels and riads in Chrifia

1 - Medina, for those visiting Marrakech for the first time

The called zone Medina it is the oldest in all of Marrakech and dates back to the Middle Ages, protected by fortification walls that distinguish it today from the more modern districts.

It constitutes the old City, therefore, it is rich in traditions, culture, markets - the so-called souks -, street vendors and stalls where you can find small treasures.

Medina is the hub of all tourism in Marrakech, teeming with history and local traditions, and it is definitely the best place to stay if this is your first time in the city.

You will immerse yourself in Moroccan charm as soon as you arrive at your destination!

By frequenting the old town, you can indulge yourself by purchasing characteristic local handicraft products, traditional foods and spices. You can admire the skill of the snake charmers always present in the most important square, the one around which Medina develops, the so-called Jemaa el-Fnaa.

Staying here you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture, making your fill of history and tradition. Your daily life will swarm with unforgettable people, colors and scents.

Let yourself be carried away by the chaotic and very rich souks, giving you the opportunity to buy a souvenir of your holiday in these markets without forgetting to learn as much as possible the fascinating local bargaining characteristics. You will have fun setting the price of your souvenirs with the sellers of Marrakech!

The Medina district also offers numerous cultural ideas, aimed at satisfying the most demanding and culture-hungry tourists. Within this area, in fact, you can visit the Moroccan art museum, the Musee Dar Si Said, rich in history but also in contemporary traditions.

You will have the opportunity to observe the splendid decorations of the nineteenth-century building Bahia, dwelling on its splendid mosaics without forgetting the manicured gardens.

To immerse yourself even more in the spirit of Marrakech and in the traditions of its citizens, you can visit one of the most important places of worship: Medina, in fact, houses the largest mosque in the whole city, the Koutoubia mosque.

If, on the other hand, you want to relax sipping a mint tea and contemplating the view, numerous and suggestive rooftops will be at your disposal.

Sleeping in the Medina means having a broad and important overview of what Marrakech is, its traditions and unforgettable peculiarities.

The best Riads in the Medina

If you are looking for a great hotel that is an excellent base for your stay in Marrakech you should take a look at Riad Spa Sindibad, a 4 * hotel located right in the heart of the city and close to the most important attractions.

With just five rooms, it combines modern comforts with classic charm and each room has a private bathroom, cable / satellite channels and a flat-screen TV.

A fantastic budget option is undoubtedly the Riad Naya: it is an intimate place, 10 minutes walk from Jamâa El Fna Square with comfortable rooms and breakfast in pure Moroccan style!

Un excellent value for money is undoubtedly what it offers Riad Matins De Marrakech: the terrace is wonderful with the swimming pool and the Moroccan-style sofas and the rooms are equipped with all comforts.

The location is central, the hospitality is super and the breakfast great. One of the best choices in all of Marrakech!

2 - Kennaria, where to sleep in Marrakech on a budget

Without going too far but always remaining within the ancient walls of the old city, here it is Kennaria, another area of ​​Marrakech where stay if you are on a budget but you don't want to give up visiting the red city and staying in a neighborhood adjacent to Medina.

By staying in Kennaria, you will have the opportunity to literally immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Marrakech, taking full advantage of all the possibilities that the city offers.

Kennaria offers a great deal of well-priced accommodation, especially as regards the hostels, but you will also have the possibility to choose various hotels of good category.

Staying here will allow you to save money without giving up the convenience of reaching all the major attractions of Marrakech on foot.

If you choose Kennaria, you will not only save in terms of accommodation: you can in fact find delicious traditional restaurants at excellent prices that will make you taste the typical dishes in a combination of speed of service and savings! An excellent pit stop for a true inveterate tourist who does not want to waste time and money!

Also in the culinary field, there are many cafes where you can enjoy excellent dishes and drinks, Kennaria is really full of them, local and very popular, some with splendid panoramic terraces from which you can enjoy an enchanting view.

Kennaria also offers the opportunity to relax: in fact you can visit the Isis Spa, for a day of intense relaxation in the name of wellbeing or let yourself be treated to all'hammam, to experience a sensation of extreme lightness and regeneration.

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The best Riad in Kennaria

Riad Zagouda is a brightly colored hotel that has four en suite bedrooms. Tucked away in the Kennaria district, it is close to Jemaa el-Fna and other major attractions in Marrakech. Featuring an on-site restaurant, enjoy a unique dining experience in a private oasis within walking distance of the city center.

Slightly cheaper but always of excellent quality in Kennaria Riad Tarik: a family run Riad, simple but extremely comfortable. The rooms have private bathroom and wi-fi.

Always if you want to stay in Kennaria, but you want to afford something luxurious, no doubt the Riad By Rihani deserves your attention. This is an eco-friendly riad that has it all: outdoor pool, sun terrace, on-site hamman, and even an ancient library.

Indulge in Moroccan-inspired cuisine in their award-winning restaurant or relax in the exclusive bespoke decorated suites!

3 - Gueliz, for nightlife lovers

By Elena Odareeva / shutterstock

Are you always looking for the trendiest places? Do you want to take unforgettable selfies in the most lively areas of Moroccan nightlife? Then the neighborhood of Gueliz is for you!

Gueliz is part of one of the most modern districts of Marrakech, it represents Morocco in step with the European conception of big cities.

Located outside the walls of Medina, Gueliz concretizes the modernity and evolution of a city that is not only history and tradition but also innovation and cosmopolitanism.

It is the perfect area to feel immersed in the city, the place where an evening turns into a real moment of sharing and drinking in company. In the Gueliz area there are many night clubs in which to spend wonderful evenings after sunset.

There are many clubs and bars in which to spend an evening that perfectly suits your glamorous style, among others the 555 Famous Club, where you can listen to excellent music and enjoy the charm of the place itself.

In Gueliz you will not only enjoy the incredible miscellany of evening pastimes, but you will also have the chance to admire the neighborhood itself with its architecture, monuments and attractions, not forgetting the fantastic food that you can enjoy.

In addition to the nightlife and clubs, very popular with trend setters, Gueliz is also perfectly suited to a type of holiday that needs a little relaxation and culture.

In fact, by staying in this area, you can delight the view by visiting the Jardin majorelle, a splendid garden that belonged to the painter of the same name and designed by the stylist Yves Saint Laurent, to immerse you in the peace and serenity that only flora and fauna can give.

The Jardin Majorelle offers numerous opportunities to immortalize unforgettable places and moments with your smartphone and share them on social networks.

The best riads in Gueliz

If you don't want to spend a lot Dar Guéliz is definitely a great choice. Located 10 minutes walk from the metro station and 20 minutes walk from the Medina, you will have the opportunity to explore both the old and the new city of Marrakech.

Hotel Almas It is one of bestseller a Marrakech. It is close to bars, restaurants and the best nightlife in the neighborhood. The rooms are modern and spacious and come with a minibar, private bathroom and excellent views.

Il Radisson Blu Marrakech, Carré Eden it needs no introduction, you can already understand what it is from the name. A resort with everything you need for a relaxing holiday: Outdoor pool, buffet breakfast, fitness center and kids club, poolside fresh fruit dinner and tropical cocktails, and rooms with private balconies.

4 - Hivernage, the best place to stay in Marrakech

If you want to visit Marrakech while staying in the coolest area of ​​the city, you will undoubtedly have to choose Hivernage. Do you never miss anything and want to be pampered in the area with the highest level facilities in the city?

Expensive and elegant hotels, sophisticated and chic bars will await you for a holiday full of glamor and style.

To enrich the offer of the Hivernage district there are also shopping centers where you can go shopping, art galleries where you can spend a few hours and appreciate the cultural beauties and cafes where you can quench your thirst.

But don't think that this area is teeming with initiatives and people only during the day: in the evening, in fact, it transforms itself in all its refinement and offers all the attractions to spend the hours after sunset between parties, music and drinks.

By staying in Hivernage, you will be treated and pampered as only VIPs can be, between luxury and exclusivity. There is even the Casino of Marrakech, if you feel particularly kissed by luck and you want to test your luck (and your money).

You will find places where acrobats and dancers usually perform, particularly fascinating nightclubs in which to spend luxurious quality time, enjoy excellent food and enjoy unique panoramic terraces.

If you want to rest without leaving Hivernage, you can relax at Cyber Park Arsat Moulay Abdeslam, lie down in the shade of the majestic trees and even take advantage of a free WiFi service.

The best riads in Hivernage

Although the Hivernage Secret Suites & Garden located just 500 meters from the Medina, this boutique hotel is an oasis of peace away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The rooms feature sumptuous interiors and feature private balconies or terraces and minibars.

Il Tempoo Hotel Marrakech City Centre, although it does not have very high scores, it is one of the best-selling hotels in Marrakech, thanks to its location. It is a modern structure (I don't really like it very much) with all the comforts: wi-fi, air conditioning, minibar and reception open 24/24.

If you want to go big, the Four Seasons Resort Marrakech it is never denied: here you are really on the safe side. If you want to be treated like a prince look no further, this hotel is undoubtedly the right choice. This 5 star luxury hotel is famous all over the world for its lush gardens, first-rate service and sophisticated atmosphere.

5 - Chrifia, where to stay in Marrakech with children

Chrifia it is the ideal place to stay in Marrakech if your traveling companions are… your family members!

The district is located south of the city center and is of modest size: despite being far from the center it is very well connected and you can take advantage of public transport to move around and reach Medina and the most interesting places from both a tourist and cultural point of view.

It is a very area of ​​Marrakech quiet and suitable for families with children, especially for the various activities it offers just for the little ones. Chrifia, in fact, offers numerous alternatives for children of all ages with parks, water parks, golf lessons and interactive games.

This area offers places to have fun with real laser battles, water parks full of swimming pools and water slides in which to spend playful afternoons and also allows you to leave for a fascinating excursion in the Sahara desert.

Chrifia also offers the opportunity to observe the celestial vault atAstronomy Observatory of Morocco, definitely fascinating and unique activity for the whole family, to leave for La Palmeraie to meet the oasis with more than 150.000 palm trees just outside Marrakech, to play a serene and peaceful round of golf to soothe your nerves and relax.

Chrifia, with its many attractions and initiatives, proposes itself as the welcoming place par excellence dedicated to families from all over Marrakech.

The best hotels and riads in Chrifia

Kech Boutique Hotel & Spa it is one of the best hotels in the area. The Kech Boutique Hotel & Spa is a modern hotel located in the nearby Agdal. Within walking distance of Chrifia and all the main attractions of the district, this hotel is the ideal base for exploring Marrakech.

Mogador Kasbah: this hotel is perfect for those looking for where to sleep in Marrakech with children. Located in Agdal, the Mogador is close to all of Chrifia's main attractions and family activities.

Modern and spacious, this hotel features a children's pool, a shopping center and an on-site playground. Enjoy delicious food and a wonderful experience at this four star hotel.

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